a list for a monday

1. Well, it appears that my right-wing blogging buddy has decided to call it quits for a bit. Peter, over at Rempelia Prime is taking a break from blogging. As much as I disagreed with him on close to 90% of the issues, I found his right-wing rants totally entertaining. Come back soon, Peter!

2. I saw War of the Worlds on Saturday. My thoughts: The aliens were cool. The little girl was annoying.

3. Sheamus has written another great post reviewing Dr. Leon Craig’s pro-Alberta independence article. I read Dr. Craig’s article this morning and all I can say without wasting too much space on this page is that it was nothing more than a rant against the Federal Liberals.

4. Jason Cherniak has promised us a blog post on electoral reform in the next couple of days. Make sure to check it out.

5. I can’t remember where I found this, but this article titled “Congressman Threatens Islamic Holy Sites” is worth a read. I think he has qualified himself for the Stockwell Day “Foot-in-Mouth” award.

6. Dick Cheney is coming to Alberta to bathe in our oil and drink the blood of a sacraficial virgin in Fort McMurray. More to come.

7. Alberta’s Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko and Calgary Hays Tory MLA Art Johnston, are going to the UK to “learn about special constables,” which sounds suspiciously like “sit on the beach and drink Guiness” to me…

8. I had tonnes of fun at last week’s Edmonton’s International Street Performers Festival in Chuchill Square! It was fun. The Art Walk down Whyte Ave was cool too.

9. I’m very near completion of my the second chapter of my Calgary Stampede 2005 adventure…

10. According to the Detroit Free Press, Eminem is planning to hang up the mike this fall after ending his European current tour.

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