The Tony Abbott fiasco continues…

From Wednesday’s Hansard at the Alberta Legislature…

The Acting Speaker: The hon. Member for Edmonton-Centre.

Notice of Privilege

Ms Blakeman: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I would like to give notice of a possible question of privilege. Under Standing Order 15(5) on behalf of the Member for Edmonton-Rutherford I’d like to be able to advise the House of the possibility that I would bring forward the privilege motion on the next regular sitting day of this Assembly.

There needs to be additional information sought and additional research done, but at this point I can advise the Speaker that this is being considered because of an altercation that took place immediately outside of the Assembly between the Member for Drayton Valley-Calmar and the Member for Edmonton-Rutherford. Although it is outside of the Chamber, I believe that there are sufficient citations to address a matter that takes place within the precincts of the Assembly and under the purview and control of the Speaker, particularly where the action which occurred involves a physical assault or molestation.

So, with those words, I will hope that that acts as sufficient notice, and when I have been able to do sufficient research to be confident that I would not be abusing the time of the Assembly, as I say, I’ve given notice and that allows me to bring forward the point of privilege motion on the next regular sitting day of the Assembly. Thank you.

The Acting Speaker: Hon. members, the hon. Member for Edmonton-Centre has given notice that she will bring forward a motion of privilege. As you know, the next sitting that we will have will not be a regular one. That will be the one at which the Queen will visit the Assembly. So probably this matter may not be dealt with until the fall when we reconvene. So it shall be dealt with at that point in time. Thank you.

Ms Blakeman: Thank you.

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