labrador, ho!

Well, when was the last time this many federal politicians flocked to the great semi-province of Labrador? Well, considering that Tuesday’s federal by-election for the Labrador seat could shift the balance of the House of Commons, all parties seem to be taking this seriously.

I heard this morning that Harper and Tory MP Gordon O’Connor were up there promising to build some super army base or something crazy like that while stumping for local Tory candidate, Graham Letto.

The Liberals are also sending in a posse to help out their candidate, Todd Russell. The posse will include newly minted Human Resources Minister Belinda Stronach.

Other candidates include New Demcrat Frances Fry, Green Jason Crummey, and Independent Ern Condon (former leader of the anti-Newfoundland, Labrador Party).

The Liberals took 62% of the vote in the 2004 election, with the Tories trailing in second place with 15%. The riding has gone Liberal in every election since 1952 save one (1968). So, any shift would be huge.

The results should be telling.

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