d.s.n.c. episode one.

In this episode of “daveberta super news countdown (d.s.n.c.),” we are going to countdown with 1 story for each level of political news.

Internationale (does the US count as Int’l???)

Former Vermont Govenor Howard Dean has been elected as the Chairman of the US Democratic Party. See the story here.

O Canada (I love maple syrup!)

Olympic Gold Medal wrestler Daniel Igali has declared his intention to run for the BC “Liberals” in the May 17, 2005 election in the lower mainland riding of Surrey-Newton. Well, he seems like a nice guy, but how did he end up running as a Campbell Liberal??? Should keep things interesting though…

I luv Alberta ( “the province formerly known as Ralph’s World”)

A fire Thursday night at the Lamb-Weston complex east of Taber has shut down operations at the french fry processing plant until further notice. A truely sad day in the history of Alberta.

Royally your’s: Edmonton, UK (yes, there is more than 1 e-town)

The flagship Ikea store which was the scene of crowd chaos among midnight bargain hunters has reopened.

The store in Edmonton, London, opened its doors again at 1700 GMT on Friday after consultation with the police and the local council.
Five people were taken to hospital after Thursday’s early morning crush as crowds flocked for the huge discounts.

The company had expected 2,000 customers but about 6,000 turned up.
Read more of the Ikea madness here!

Wow, what a week!


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