alberta by the "numb"ers

lightening round!

-Revenue from VLTs when Klein was elected in 1993: $40.3 Million

-Revenue from VLTs in 2003: $577 Million

-Increase in calls to ‘ Gamblers Anonymous’ since 1992: 2,600%

-Amount of non-renewable resource revenue the Tories have spent while in office: $135 Billion

-Amount required for Alberta to catch up with its infrastructure backlog, such as roads, schools
and hospitals: $7 – 9 Billion

-Amount government spent to defend Stockwell Day in defamation lawsuit: $792,000

-Amount government wanted to charge taxpayers just to find out Day’s legal fees: $59,571

-Increase in post-secondary tuition since 1993: 273.4%

-Number of municipal districts in Alberta: 68

-Number of municipal districts that have declared themselves economic disaster zones because of the mad cow crisis: 33

-Amount two American companies received from Klein’s BSE Bailout Package: $42 Billion

-Average amount individual producers received from Klein’s BSE Bailout Package: $1,800

-Amount Albertans have paid extra on their power bills because of deregulation: $5.38 Billion

-Total cost to taxpayers because of deregulation: $8 Billion

-Increase in government spending on travel and communications since 1998: 53%

-Number of government ministries in 1993: 17

-Number of government ministries in 2004: 24

-Cost in 2003-04 of maintaining and operating the government’s air force: $4.35 Million

-Number of staff required for the government’s air force: 13

-Number of taxpayer-funded flights made by government ’02-’03: 3,100+

-Amount government spent on the horse-racing industry (last four years): $132.9 Million

-Increase in health care premiums since 1993: 63%

-Increase in health care premiums since 2002, the year Klein swore the only way taxes were
going in Alberta was ‘down’: 30%

“Ralph listens, Ralph cares”. – 1997 PC Campaign Slogan…

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