As of late, in an attempt to broaden my ‘perspective of the world’, I have found myself taking a “stand back and look from across the street” view of Canadian Politics. Lately, I am pretty disappointed in many of our politicians for their inability to get past petty partisan politics (or simply the inability not to look stupid).

If you’ve picked up any major Canadian newspaper in the past few weeks you would have seen a splatering of threats of same-sex elections (Paul Martin), billions of billions of eyeballs and mad-cow dinners (Ralph Klein), political threats to take down the Gomery Inquiry (Jean Chretien’s Lawyer) and threats to protect it (Stephen Harper). I do not wish to downplay these issues, but it all seems pretty pointless.

So what have I learned from these stories?

1) Same-sex marriage is not going to destroy humanity. It’s also probably one of the most devisive issues that you could run a campaign on (Note to PM: It was a pretty thin layered bluff).

2) Letting Ralph Klein open his mouth in public is bad for us all (especially cattle ranchers!).

3) Jean Chretien is never going to leave us, he loves us too much! He’ll be around for ever! As for Stephen Harper, well…

Back to the perspective thing… the international group Human Rights Watch has released a startling report from the new free and democractic Republic of Iraq.

Iraq: Torture Continues at Hands of New Government

Police Systematically Abusing Detainees

(Baghdad, January 25, 2005) — Iraqi security forces are committing systematic torture and other abuses against people in detention, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

So, as the “leaders” of our great country continue to fight amoungst themselves for control of the sandbox, the attrocities going on in the world faze very few of us, and even fewer of our politicians.

So, is it perspective that I am looking for in a leader? Couldn’t hurt.

Bon Soir.


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