NDP Scandal, Missiles, Cages, and John Manley?!?!

Some interesting news stories this and last week…

1) NDP and scandal….deja vu?? Saskatchewan’s NDP government says it didn’t know a woman at the centre of a missing money controversy was once convicted of a $600,000 bank fraud…read the rest of this juicy story….

2) Hey! You! Get behind my shield! U.S. President George W. Bush tried to bully Canadian officials on missile defence during his visit last month…want to read more?

3) This is why we have the Geneva Convention… Attendees at the Independence Ball, one of nine officially sanctioned galas celebrating President George W. Bush’s second inauguration Thursday, will be treated to a viewing of a caged Saddam Hussein…read the rest.

4) Just doesn’t know when to quit… Former DPM John Manley publically admits that he is keeping his formerly aborted Liberal Leadership Team alive in prepartation for the next go around…clicky here



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