Alberta Politics

Paranoid election signs attack Liberals, NDP and Mainstream Media

Canadians are faced with two stark options in this federal election, according to new election signs spotted north of Edmonton in the federal riding of Parkland-Sturgeon River. Either we can a) help destroy Canada and Alberta by voting for the Liberals and New Democratic Party on October 19 or b) destroy the Mainstream Media.The presence of the “or” in the message suggests that we can only choose one of the two options.

I am assuming that the sign-maker(s) will be voting for their local Conservative Party candidate in this election because these two options offered on the sign closely mirror two narratives dogmatically propagated by some Conservative Party supporters in this election and during that party’s ten years as government in Ottawa. The first being that Canada will become a jobless post-apocalyptic wasteland if Canadian voters exercise their constitutional right to elect representatives other than Conservatives, and the second that the Mainstream Media is part of some large-scale conspiracy to undermine Stephen Harper.

It is unclear who created and placed the large signs, which sit along Highway 2 north of the City of St. Albert and almost certainly violate the Canada Elections Act third-party advertising laws, but it is clear these individuals have an incredibly skewed view of how democracy and freedom of the press works in Canada and might also suffer from some serious political paranoia.