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former alberta mla seeking election in nova scotia.

An article from the Shelburne County Coast Guard.
An article from the Shelburne County Coast Guard.

Running in a November 13 by-election in the Town of Shelburne, Nova Scotia is someone who may be familiar to Alberta’s political watchers, but under a different name.

Former Edmonton-Castle Downs MLA Pamela Paul, now known as Pamela Snelgrove-Paul and also formerly known as Pamela Smith, Pamela Smith-Paul, and Pamela Paul-Zobaric has jumped into local politics in her new home of in Nova Scotia.

As a Liberal candidate in 1997, she was narrowly elected by 83 votes and served as the Official Opposition critic for advanced education until she left the Liberal Caucus to sit as an Independent MLA in 1999. She did not seek re-election in 2001, but endorsed her friend and fellow former Liberal MLA Gene Zwozdesky, who was running as a PC candidate in that election.

As an MLA, Ms. Snelgrove-Paul had her personal experiences with domestic violence play out in the media. During her time as an MLA, special security arrangements were made around the Legislature to protect her from her stalking ex-husband, who was eventually sentenced to a year in jail.

Previous to her election as an MLA, Ms. Snelgrove-Paul had served as an Alderman in the City of St. Albert and a school trustee in Drumheller.