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crying wolf.

June 25, 2009: Cal Nichols said that losing the City Centre Airport would have a greater economic impact than if the city lost the Oilers.

December 13, 2009: The future of the Katz Group owned Oilers won’t be secure in Edmonton unless a new arena is built, says former Oilers owner Cal Nichols, an adviser on the new downtown arena proposal.

According to Forbes Magazine, the Edmonton Oilers annual revenue has increased from $40 million in 2000 to $83 million in 2009. The magazine lists the Edmonton Oilers with a $9.4 million operational income in 2009, one of the highest in the NHL.

Edmonton Downtown Arena The Katz Group


I haven’t read enough information to decide whether or not I support The Katz Group proposal for the construction of an arena in downtown Edmonton, but as I wait for more information, I am continually surprised at how much Edmonton’s media has capitulated to awe of The Katz Group’s concept.

Today’s Edmonton Journal provides a perfect example of this. Without releasing any new information, The Katz Group secured a front page headline by tempting the media with vague “hints.” The headline story was largely void of new information and it appears to have reprinted much of what has already been covered in the past month.

If that wasn’t enough, the article also includes a quote from American academic Mark Rosentraub defining the buzzword “starchitecture.”

“You’re combining the word ‘star’ and ‘architecture,’ so we call it starchitecture,” Rosentraub says.

As The Katz Group moves their downtown arena agenda forward, it is imperative that Edmontonians have a mature debate about how this will shape our downtown core. I hope that when pertinent information is actually released our mainstream media can then provide responsible, balanced, and critical analysis.