Bridget Pastoor Carl Benito Doug Elniski Evan Berger Genia Leskiw Jonathan Denis Leccinum boreale Neil Brown Rachel Notley

this mushroom better be on our new licence plates.

Ladies and Gentlemen, MLA Carl Benito, representing the simple people of Edmonton-Mill Woods, introduced Motion 502 on the floor of the Legislative Assembly yesterday:

Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the government to introduce amendments to the Emblems of Alberta Act to designate Leccinum boreale, also known as northern roughstem or red cap, as the official mushroom of Alberta.

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. It is my pleasure to rise and introduce Motion 502. I acknowledge that there are pressing economic issues that currently exist; however, this motion is important to my constituents and 2,500 Albertans who have chosen this mushroom to be designated as Alberta’s provincial mushroom emblem.

MLAs rising to speak to the motion included Neil Brown, Rachel Notley, Jonathan Denis, Genia Leskiw, Doug Elniski, Evan Berger, and Bridget Pastoor.

It passed.

Alberta Tories Ed Stelmach Neil Brown Political Patronage

political patronage: alberta-style continued…

The Edmonton Journal continued it’s two-part feature on political patronage in Progressive Conservative Alberta. Here is a second list that the Journal put together:


– Audrey Luft, organizer of 2007 Alberta PC annual convention: Alberta Foundation for the Arts (chair), NAIT, Alberta Economic Development Authority

– Doug Goss, Edmonton co-chair of Tories’ next election campaign: Capital Health, Alberta Economic Development Authority

– Wayne Jacques, former Conservative MLA: Peace Country Health Region, Transportation Safety Board, Law Enforcement Review Board

– Alf Savage, former PC president: Auto Insurance Rate Board (chair), Municipal Government Board

– Wendy Kinsella, losing Edmonton PC candidate in 2001: NorQuest College (chair), Capital Health (vice-chair)

– Marvin Moore, former PC campaign manager and cabinet minister: Peace Country Health (chair), Agriculture Marketing Products Council Appeal Tribunal

– Dale Johnson, president of Whitecourt-Ste. Anne PC association: Aspen Health, Credit Counselling Services of Alberta

– Robert Seidel, lawyer to former treasurer Stockwell Day: Grant MacEwan College, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research

– Skip McDonald, former president of Klein’s PC constituency association: Calgary Health, ATB Financial

UPDATE: Calgary-Nose Hill MLA Neil Brown says there’s nothing wrong with these appointments.

Alberta Tories Ed Stelmach Neil Brown Political Patronage

political patronage: alberta-style.

Kudos to Darcy Henton and Jason Markusoff of the Edmonton Journal for writing a feature article on the deluge of political patronage currently present in Alberta. The Journal also went through and detailed a list of provincially appointed boards and their card carrying Progressive Conservative Party members.

Here are the top 40 boards with the highest percentages of card-carrying Conservatives serving on them.

Health boards and regions
– Peace Country Health Region: 13 Tories / 13-member board

– East Central Health: 9 Tories / 12-member board

– Capital Health: 8 Tories / 14-member board

– Calgary Health: 7 Tories / 13-member board

– Aspen Health Region: 11 Tories / 14-member board

– David Thompson Health: 11 Tories / 15-member board

– Chinook Health: 7 Tories / 12-member board

– Northern Lights Health: 7 Tories / 12-member board

– Palliser Health Region: 7 Tories / 13-member board

– Alberta Cancer Board: 5 Tories / 10-member board

– Health Quality Council: 4 Tories / 8-member board

– Public Health Appeal Board: 2 Tories / 4-member board

– Health Facilities Review Board: 8 Tories / 12-member board

Post-secondary Institutions

– Northern Alberta Institute of Technology: 8 Tories / 12-member board

– Portage College: 5 Tories / 7-member board

– Lethbridge College: 4 Tories / 7-member board

– Athabasca University: 6 Tories / 11-member board

– Red Deer College: 3 Tories / 6-member board

– Mount Royal College: 5 Tories / 10-member board


– ATB Financial: 9 Tories / 13-member board

– Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corp.: 4 Tories / 8-member board

addictions and disabilities

– Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities: 5 Tories / 8-member board

– Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission: 7 Tories / 10-member board

– Crystal Meth Task Force: 7 Tories / 12-member board

– Northwest Alberta Persons with Developmental Disabilities: 6 Tories / 7-member board


– Alberta Grain Commission: 8 Tories / 11-member board

– Agriculture Products Marketing Council: 7 Tories / 11-member board

– Alberta Agriculture Research Institute: 4 Tories / 7-member board


– Seniors Advisory Council: 8 Tories / 10-member board

– Northern Alberta Development Council: 9 Tories / 10-member board

– Worker’s Compensation Board: 3 Tories / 4-member board

– Alberta Foundation of the Arts: 6 Tories / 10-member board

– Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission: 6 Tories / 7-member board

– Alberta Economic Development Authority: 29 Tories / 60-member board

– Alberta Order of Excellence Council: 6 Tories / 6-member board

– Social Care Facilities Review Commission: 7 Tories / 11-member board

– Alberta Science and Research Authority: 9 Tories / 19-member board

– Northeast PDD Board: 5 Tories / 7-member board

– Alberta Fatality Review Board: 3 Tories / 3-member board

– Rural Alberta’s Development Fund: 6 Tories / 12-member board

Click here to see the list of the 100 provincially appointed Boards and Government agencies stacked with Tory appointees.

Tomorrow, the Edmonton Journal will be profiling the process which allows the Progressive Conservatives to commit this degree of political patronage.

UPDATE: Calgary-Nose Hill MLA Neil Brown says there’s nothing wrong with these appointments.