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mmm. gold bars.

So… some excitement in Edmonton

[David] Suzuki said Friday in Calgary that if the premier “doesn’t realize not doing anything about greenhouse gases is going to wreck the economy,” he doesn’t deserve to be a leader, according to a story in the Calgary Herald.

Alberta needs to ease up on oilsands development until industry catches up with more efficient ways of extracting energy, Suzuki said.

Stelmach hit back on Saturday. “Tackling the issue of greenhouse-gas reduction will require more than hot air and grandstanding.”

I agree. It will take action, from our politicians like Stelmach… which we have yet to see any… Stelmach continued…

“Mr. Suzuki’s comments reflect the unproductive emotional rhetoric and personal attacks that distract from efforts to find constructive solutions.”

Well, I’m sure if our political leaders were actually looking for and enacting “constructive solutions” there would be much less “emotional rhetoric” floating around.

I wonder if Mr. Stelmach has seen Al Gore’s now Oscar Award winning Inconvenient Truth?

David Suzuki Stephen Lewis

dream team.

Did anyone else listen to The Current on CBC Radio One this morning? Waking up to the voices of David Suzuki and Stephen Lewis was quite a nice way to start the week on February 12, 2007.

The David Suzuki Foundation has launched a cross-Canada “If you were Prime Minister…” tour to engage Canadians on Environmental issues. The tour kicked off in St. John’s, Newfoundland on February 1 and will be in Edmotnon on February 24!

Edmonton — Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007 — Evening Event
7:30pm — Horowitz Theatre, University of Alberta, Students’ Union Building, 8900 114 Street
Tickets: $15 regular and $10 low income
Tickets available at:
Earth’s General Store: 10832 – Whyte Avenue (upstairs, above Gordon Price Music store)
Audrey’s Books: 10702 Jasper Avenue
Parkland Institute website (mail-in/fax-in order form)
For more info, contact:
The Parkland Institute