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what do you think? canada in afghanistan.

I’m in the process of writing a post on my thoughts about the role of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Like many Canadians, I am torn on this complex issue and have struggled to balance my thoughts on our Armed Forces, the reasons for Canada’s entry into this conflict, our current intentions, and our responsibilities now that our Armed Forces are there.

I would be very interested to learn: What are your thoughts about Canada’s role in Afghanistan?

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fox news apologizes [re: mocking canadians in afghanistan].

On March 20, I posted a video clip of Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and guests mocking the role of Canada’s military in Afghanistan. Today, Gutfeld and Fox News are apologizing for the comments.

From iNews880:

A Fox News host is apologizing to Canadians in the face of widespread outrage over comments he and his guests made on a late-night talk show.

`Red Eye’ host Greg Gutfield says his comments `may have been misunderstood’ and in no way were meant to disrespect `the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military.’

Fox News issued the Gutfield statement just after the Canadian government demanded an apology for what it called the `despicable’ and `disgusting’ comments.

Afghanistan Canadian Armed Forces Fox News Greg Gutfeld

sick to the gutfeld [fox news mocks canada’s role in afghanistan].

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and guests on a recent taping of his show thought it would be funny to belittle and mock the Canadian military’s role in Afghanistan. Four more Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan today, bringing the total to 116 Canadians who have died in the conflict.

What a sicko.

(h/t @ChrisLabossiere and @BPMDavidStone)

UPDATE: You can email Brian Lewis at FOX NEWS to demand an apology.

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alberta politics this week.

1) With inspiration from Barack Obama and Malcolm Gladwell, Jason Morris at has some thoughtful insights on Alberta’s political environment.

2) Oil Sands Smog. An Environment Canada study obtained under the Access to Information Act predicts that sulfur dioxide will rise by up to 34 per cent by 2017 and nitrous oxides will rise by up to 24 per cent. Are you ready for acid rain in Fort McMurray?

3) While Chief Electoral Officer Lorne Gibson has called for increased transparency and accountability in party leadership races, Kent Hehr is asking Minister Alison Redford why Alberta Justice isn’t investigating 16 violations of election finances rules uncovered between 2006 and 2007 (including at least one violation committed by his party).

4) How are Alberta’s financial and economic prospects, Premier Ed Stelmach? Good, really bad, not as bad as I told you 24 hours ago, and rosy depending on which day of the week it is.

5) Good luck and safe travels to Journal reporter Archie McLean on his trip to Afghanistan. You can follow Archie’s Afghan tour at Assignment Afghanistan.