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Get a limited-edition Daveberta election lawn sign

I am excited to announce I’ve printed a limited run of special edition Daveberta lawn signs and I am looking forward to sharing them with some of you!

The “I’m voting for…” lawn signs let you check the election issues most important to you and are a great way to show your neighbours what you’re voting for on May 29. They look great planted on lawns and placed in apartment windows.

Read more about it on the Daveberta Substack. Sign up for a paid subscription to get access to the Daveberta Podcast and special election extras.

One reply on “Get a limited-edition Daveberta election lawn sign”

It’s a cool idea, but I feel like it’s somewhat biased to issues (or the framing of them) more associated with the NDP. Just one example: there should be a box for something like “law and order,” for those most concerned with crime.

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