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Notley’s NDP dominate political party fundraising with less than a year before the next election

With less than a year until the next election, Rachel Notley‘s NDP are once again dominating political party fundraising.

Elections Alberta disclosures from the second financial quarter of 2022 released today show the Alberta NDP raised $1,430,164.06, which is about $400,000 more than the party raised in the first quarter of 2022.

The United Conservative Party, which is in the midst of a leadership race to replace Jason Kenney, reported $521,175.21 raised in the same period.

Here are what all of Alberta’s political parties are reporting they fundraised in the second quarter of 2022:

Alberta NDP: $1,430,164.06
United Conservative Party: $521,175.21
Pro-Life Alberta Political Alliance: $94,214.98
Alberta Party: $31,321.69
Liberal Party: $17,236.58
Wildrose Independence Party: $7,613.00
Green Party: $5,398.21
Independence Party of Alberta: $1,772.50
Alberta Advantage Party: $10.78

The Buffalo Party. Communist Party and Reform Party reported no money raised in the second three months of 2022.

Changes made by the UCP to political finance laws in 2021, money raised by constituency associations are no longer included in the quarterly disclosures. Constituency-level fundraising is now reported annually.

These disclosures show the full amount the NDP has fundraised because they report all their fundraising activity through the central party. The other parties, including the UCP, report their constituency-level fundraising separately.

6 replies on “Notley’s NDP dominate political party fundraising with less than a year before the next election”

Some people get annoyed with the frequent emails from the Alberta NDP appealing for donations. But the fact is these appeals work. Even if many of us send some of the appeals to the trash without opening them.

Another bit of unsolicited advice. Think twice before unsubscribing from the NDP listserv just because you don’t like being asked for money. This is also the medium the party uses to communicate with its members about important upcoming events and other news.

Its hard to know what the real numbers are, with the UCP potentially using its constituency associations and other places to hide some of the money they raise. Well at least they have been been pretty consistent in not being transparent.

However, that could be a mixed benefit for them. No doubt not knowing what the real numbers are, probably also makes the NDP work harder to try raise as much money as possible so as not to be caught by surprise by a tsunami of UCP dark money later.

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