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Jason Kenney is having another bad week

When a politician repeatedly tries to gaslight his opponents and the media, deny what is perfectly obvious in a photo, refuse to apologize and then after five days only offer a non-apology when faced with a cabinet and caucus revolt, their credibility becomes damaged when the next scandal breaks – even if that alleged scandal might be hard to believe.

It doesn’t help that politician that he lost $1.3 billion betting Donald Trump would be re-elected as President of the United States last November. Or that his party and personal popularity continues to drop in the public opinion polls.

Premier Jason Kenney is having another bad week.

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Yeah, you have to wonder how much longer this can go on. Of course, this is not the Redford PC’s which had a power base beyond the people put into position by the Premier. Kenney carefully chose many of his MLA’s for loyalty, inexperience, obedience and ideological similarity. However, surely these people still pay some attention to the news and read polls. You have to wonder if they all really want to go down with the ship and its captain or not.

I get the sense Kenney will try stick it out until he is eligible for his Federal MP’s pension. Perhaps the UCP caucus should put together a go fund me campaign for his retirement to try precipitate it sooner. At this point, it might be their only hope to save their bacon.

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