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Episode 75: Amarjeet Sohi is running for Mayor of Edmonton

Amarjeet Sohi joins the Daveberta Podcast to talk about why he is running to become the next Mayor of Edmonton and discuss his experiences moving to Canada as a young man, being elected as a City Councillor, serving in Ottawa as a Member of Parliament and cabinet minister, and his love for Edmonton.

Sohi served on Edmonton City Council from 2007 until 2015, when he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Mill Woods. While in Ottawa he served as Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and Minister of Natural Resources.

Amarjeet Sohi and Dave Cournoyer on the Daveberta Podcast
Amarjeet Sohi and Dave Cournoyer on the Daveberta Podcast

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2 replies on “Episode 75: Amarjeet Sohi is running for Mayor of Edmonton”

If Mr Sohi does win this election, I hope he respects the electors enough to serve the full four year term, not like last time.

I won’t hold my breath on that Alan, he jumped at the first chance of ditching the city council, collecting huge payouts from the city while he canvased on the federal election and mostly costing Edmontonians hundreds of thousands of dollars for the election he’s departure prompted halfway his term on council. Why should Edmontonians give him another chance, to screw us again?

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