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Mele Kalikimaka from Tracy Allard and the UCP

Aloha Alberta! 🌺

It’s been a great week on the sunny Big Island! The weather in Hawaii is fantastic and we are really enjoying continuing our family tradition this year. The pandemic has been a real drag back in Alberta, so it felt like a great time to hop on a plane and escape to a tropical paradise! Wake boarding is a real thrill!

Tracy Allard MLA Grande Prairie United Conservative Party
Tracy Allard (source: Facebook)

At the tiki bar yesterday we were thrilled to bump into some UCP staffers who are spending Christmas in Hawaii too! So much fun! 🎉

I’m looking forward to being back soon and attending to my duties as the minister responsible for Alberta’s emergency management agency. I hope the vaccine distribution is going well and everyone is exercising personal responsibility back home!

We wish you could all be here with us! See you soon. ❤️

🌴 Merry Christmas (or Mele Kalikimaka as the locals say!)

Tracy Allard
UCP MLA for Grande Prairie
Minister of Municipal Affairs

This letter is satire, but Tracy Allard’s Christmas vacation to Hawaii in the middle of a global pandemic, when her government was telling Albertans to stay home and avoid non-essential international travel, was not.

Jeremy Nixon

It also appears that Calgary-Klein UCP MLA and parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Community and Social Services Jeremy Nixon traveled to Hawaii last month , Calgary-Peigan UCP MLA Tanya Fir went to Las Vegas, and Lesser Slave Lake UCP MLA Pat Rehn may have spent the Christmas break in Mexico.

Premier Jason Kenney’s Chief of Staff, Jamie Huckabay, reportedly also spent Christmas with his family in the United Kingdom, returning through the United States in order to circumvent Canada’s ban on flights from the UK.

10 replies on “Mele Kalikimaka from Tracy Allard and the UCP”

I’ve never been more disappointed in a politician.

And I live in Alberta, so…

I really hope she revisits her decision and resigns, as Minister & MLA.

Unfortunately, Ms. Allard only seems to be the tip of the iceberg here. A number of UCP staff apparently also traveled abroad recently, including some quite close to the Premier.

Perhaps this is why Mr. Kenney declined to fire or discipline her. If he did, he would have probably needed to deal with a half a dozen more. So he came up with the weak pretext that because he didn’t actually tell them they couldn’t go, he wouldn’t take any action against them. As if the Federal and Alberta advisories against non essential vacation travel were not clear enough. Either all these UCP travellers were very dumb or perhaps they just didn’t care because had a sense of entitlement so they felt that this only applied to the rest of the people, not the Alberta political elite.

In any event this reflects very badly firstly on Kenney and secondly on the UCP. Even some stalwart media supporters seem to have finally turned on the Premier. We’ll see how long that lasts, but even if it doesn’t, it still is not a good sign for Kenney. I think he has messed up big time here.

Agreed. Unfortunately for Mr. Kenney he had only one chance to get ahead of this and fire the lot, and he has squandered it, much like he did getting the fall lockdown right. If he gives in to public pressure and fires them in a few days, the move will be seen for what it is, giving in to public pressure as opposed to doing the right thing.

I find Ms. Allard’s comments/Christmas post extremely distasteful, arrogant, dismissive, superior and down right inappropriate.
With so many people losing their jobs, businesses, homes, loved ones either due to Covid, opiod crisis, suicide or any other fatality…she has to nerve to mention she is continuing their family tradition, hopping a plane etc.
Meanwhile, Albertans are told we can not get together with family, we must hunker down and be good little boys and girls, forgo our family traditions due to covid.
We are all beyond Covid exhausted…and our elected official smears her family tradition of a tropical vacation in our faces because covid in Alberta is a drag.
Party officials must keep in mind…they were elected in, they can be elected out.

There is no way that Jason Kenny did not give his permission for those MLA’s to go on holidays. He is a micromanager and had to know. I guess he figured that all those people who lost relatives, who isolated at home, who missed going away on holidays…well they were not UCP voters…so who cares? Well I guess, I hope, all those people will not vote UCP in two years.
If you are angry, good. Post your thoughts….but organize an opposition. It is no good to vent and then do nothing. Mobilize, organize and get others to vote them out.

They are left over PC’s, following redford’s ‘sense of entitlment example’. The bad news is,,, people that are complaining, are some of the same people that voted them in.

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