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Episode 55: Alberta Parks need to be protected and expanded, not closed and privatized.

As Environment & Parks Minister Jason Nixon moves forward with his plans to downgrade, close or privatize 164 provincial parks, outdoor enthusiast Annalise Klingbeil joins Dave Cournoyer on the Daveberta Podcast to discuss the importance of Alberta’s provincial parks and why they need to be protected and conserved. 

Annalise Klingbeil

Annalise is co-founder of Champion Communications & PR. She previously worked as a press secretary for Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley, and before that she was a journalist at the Calgary Herald.

In March 2020, she displayed her passion for Alberta’s parks in an op-ed in the Globe & Mail.

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10 replies on “Episode 55: Alberta Parks need to be protected and expanded, not closed and privatized.”

Outdoor parks need to be fully privatized and Kenney should be commended for it. It’s time to stop wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars to subsidize people who want to pretend they’re homeless (i.e. camping) for a week. These should be paid solely by their own fees if they want to engage in such activities.

Oh, and Dave, you’re a communist!

Another UCP troll. The last thing Alberta needs is more idiots on ATVs ripping up parkland and polluting rivers and streams, which is exactly what will happen with the UCP’s idiotic idea.

Thank you Annalise and Dave. This is a great podcast and reinforces why Alberta Provincial Parks are important for us and future generations. I will share this widely.

Alberta has a population of more than 4 million people. As a result, the 5 million saved by these actions works out to be a bit more than a dollar each. Maybe we should all send a loonie to Jason Nixon. We could call the campaign ‘A loonie for a loony’.

I see that the UCP trolls jumped on this right away. How pathetic. What this shows is that we have a government that doesn’t give a damn about our history, our society, or our legacy. Send in the clowns.

Today Ric McIver clarified that the buildings and the land they are on will be sold, not the parks. So if a person sells the building they live in and the land it is on, they are not selling their house, because it is still a house, owned by somebody else, until it isn’t?

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