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War Room’s Twitter tirade against New York Times sends embarrassment shivers across Alberta.

Time to shut down the controversy-plagued Canadian Energy Centre.

Shoot, shovel, and shut up,” was how former Alberta premier Ralph Klein suggested some of the province’s self-respecting ranchers could deal with the mad cow disease crisis of the mid-2000s. And it is time that Premier Jason Kenney heeded Klein’s words and applied the same advice to the controversy-plagued Canadian Energy Centre.

Premier Ralph Klein
Ralph Klein

The Energy War Room, as Kenney called it during and after the 2019 election campaign, has been fraught with embarrassing missteps and blunders since it was created in October 2019, but today marked peak embarrassment for the CEC.

The Calgary-based publicly-funded private public relations company and blog was caught under fire today for posting a series of tweets attacking the New York Times and sharing links claiming the 169-year old newspaper of record held anti-Trump and anti-Semitic biases and a “very dodgy” record.

The CEC’s childish tirade of tweets appear to have been posted in response to a Times article about the decision by some of the world’s largest financial institutions to stop investing in oil production in Alberta.

Some international banks, pension plans and financial institutions appear to have included the impact of climate change into their long-term investments plans and have decided to move away from investing in some carbon-intensive resource extraction industries like Canada’s oilsands.

According to the Times, “BlackRock, the worlds largest asset manager, said that one of its fast-growing green-oriented funds would stop investing in companies that get revenue from the Alberta oil sands.”

Sonya Savage

The Times article noted that “Alberta officials didn’t immediately respond to questions about BlackRock’s announcement on Wednesday,” which is a shocking departure from Kenney’s pledge he would use “the persuasive power of the premier’s bully pulpit to tell the truth of our energy industry across the country.”

CEC Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Tom Olsen publicly apologized on Twitter for the unprofessional tweet storm against the Times, a statement that is now being widely reported.

Olsen, a former United Conservative Party candidate and lobbyist, was appointed to the role when the CEC was launched in October 2019. The CEC is a private corporation created by the Alberta government and receives $30-million annually from the Alberta government to ostensibly correct misinformation about the oil and gas industry, but in reality appears to be doing a poor job conducting public relations for the oil and gas industry.

Doug Schweitzer Calgary Alberta Conservative
Doug Schweitzer

Another member of the CEC’s staff is Mark Milke, a former director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, former senior fellow of the Fraser Institute and lead author of the UCP’s 2019 election platform. Milke is the Executive Director in charge of Research, according to the CEC’s website.

Existing as a private corporation with a board of directors that includes Energy Minister Sonya Savage, Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer, and Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon, the CEC is not subject to the freedom of information rules that make other government institutions and agencies more transparent to the public and the media. Despite receiving $30-million annually from the government, the CEC appears to have no accountability mechanisms and its internal operations are kept secret.

While Kenney was recently lauded for changing his message about an eventual transition away from of oil (I suspect he is coopting language rather than changing his mind), some of the good for Alberta that his trip to Washington DC last week may have done has at least been partially damaged by the latest PR disaster exploding through the War Room in downtown Calgary.

Jason Nixon
Jason Nixon

What started a few months ago as a $30-million annual public relations subsidy to the oil and gas industry is starting to become a running joke that might hurt Alberta, and its oil and gas industry, more than it helps it.

As Finance Minister Travis Toews asks Albertans to accept deep cuts to public health care and education and for public employees to take salary rollbacks in his Feb. 27 provincial budget, it will become increasingly difficult to convince Albertans that the CEC’s $30-million annual budget is not a giant waste of money.

In this case, Kenney should take his own conservative free-market advice and let private sector industry groups like the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the legions of public relations professionals working for Canada’s oil and gas companies handle their own public relations.

As Ralph Klein might suggest, it’s time for Kenney to take the Canadian Energy Centre behind the proverbial barn and stop this embarrassing initiative from doing any more damage to Alberta’s reputation at home and abroad.

5 replies on “War Room’s Twitter tirade against New York Times sends embarrassment shivers across Alberta.”

What did you expect that Jason Kinney would do if he ever became Premier of Alberta. I know him, I use to be a colleague of his in the House of Commons and he was a moron then and he is still a moron today. I would never consider him a leader, all he has going for him is his mouth which he’s very divisive here in Alberta and across the country but slowly will be catching up to him. His biggest downfall will be his ego.

If Mr. Klein were alive now and if someone asked I expect he would call it as he saw it and say something like the merciful thing to do now would be to just put this thing out of its misery. So, yes the political equivalent of shoot, shovel and shut up.

Mr. Klein convincingly played a fiscal conservative for a number of years, but he wasn’t always a rigid ideologue or a total fool about it. He knew when to declare victory and quickly retreat or just retreat from some battles.

Mr. Kenney was quite a thorn in the side at times to Klein who, I suspect Kenney thought was not always conservative enough. Too bad Mr. Klein will not have the chance to return the favour.

I suspect the war room will lurch on a while longer, from one self inflicted crisis to the next until the government reluctantly realizes what it must eventually do, to what once seemed to be one of Premier Kenney’s favorite hobby horse projects.

The UCP sure has a classic case of foot and mouth disease, or is it Thumb and Tweet disease. They are on par with Ralph Klein for saying controversial things. The UCP are also on par with the Alberta PCs, excluding Peter Lougheed’s PC government, for wasting grand sums of money on things of no value. The War Room is another example of that. Even the most adamant UCP supporters will have the toughest time defending this.

How much money will Jason Kenney continue to throw at this joke while he continues to argue that we have a spending problem?

It’s time for YOU to stop the embarrassing initiative of this blog from tarnishing your reputation further! What a joke this post is.

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