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Episode 43: The UCP’s pick-a-fight budget

David Climenhaga from joins Dave and Adam on this episode of the Daveberta Podcast to discuss the cuts in Alberta’s provincial budget and the United Conservative Party’s growing list of public enemies, the federal election fallout in Alberta, and how the mainstream media is reporting on the Wexit group and Alberta separatism.

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4 replies on “Episode 43: The UCP’s pick-a-fight budget”

Yet another echo chamber episode. Looking forward to a return to a well-rounded discussion from a variety of viewpoints on future podcasts (fingers crossed).

Well it has been great in the past when Dave brings on someone with a different perspective and there’s lively discussion from both sides of the aisle; but without that, it’s just another of a dozen similar podcasts where they seem to just be preaching to their own choir–very uninteresting. I usually give up on it part way through the podcast when it’s like this.

Michael Binion: It’s sad and very pathetic how there are people like you who label anyone who rightfully criticizes the UCP’s epic failures as communists.

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