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Edmonton Election Update: 137 days to go.

Photo: Kris Andreychuk launches his campaign for city council in Ward 7.

We are now 137 days away from the October 2017 municipal elections in Edmonton. Here are some of the latest updates to the list of candidates running in Edmonton’s municipal election for City Council, the Edmonton Public School Board and the Edmonton Catholic School District.

Edmonton City Council

  • Kris Andreychuk launched his campaign for Edmonton City Council in Ward 7. Andreychuk is a Supervisor of Community Safety with the City of Edmonton. He was introduced and endorsed at his launch event by Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen. Andreychuk is challenging incumbent Councillor Tony Caterina.
  • Nafisa Bowen is running in Ward 5. Bowan works as a fundraiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and is Vice-President Elect at the Cultural Connections Institute – The Learning Exchange.
  • Lenore Dilts is running in Ward 8.
  • Nigel Logan is running in Ward 12. Logan is the former constituency manager for Edmonton-Mill Creek MLA Denise Woollard.

Edmonton Public School Board

  • Ken Gibson is running for re-election in Ward E. Gibson served as trustee for this ward from 2004 to 2010 and again since 2013.
  • Nathan Ip is running for re-election in Ward H. He was first elected in 2013.
  • Sajida Asghar is running in Ward I.

Edmonton Catholic School District

  • Nancy Robb is running in Ward 71.
  • Dan Posa is running in Ward 72.
  • Glen Argan is running in Ward 75. Argan was the editor of the Western Catholic Reporter for nearly 30 years and ran as the Green Party candidate in Edmonton-Mill Creek in the 2008 provincial election.
  • Lisa Turchansky is running in Ward 76. She was chairperson of the St. Mary Elementary School student advisory council.

If you know any other candidates who have announced their intentions to stand for Mayor, Council, or School Board and are not on this list, please send me an email at I will add them. Thank you!


One reply on “Edmonton Election Update: 137 days to go.”

I get the feeling this will be a civic election with some change. Some city councilors having been around for a while and sensing how the political winds are blowing have already decided to retire, so that creates some openings. However, I also don’t think it will be smooth sailing for all the incumbents.

This city council seems to have more consensus than many in the past, but I wonder if a sense of group think has set in or if they are just more rigid in their thinking than most in politics. Whatever the case there is a sense of frustration building out there on several issues including zoning in older neighbourhoods, the implementation of bike lanes, construction projects and aggressive enforcement of photo radar where city has seemed heavy handed, incompetent or both.

I don’t know if the voters who are frustrated on these issues represent a majority of voters, but I suspect having their concerns ignored or dismissed by city council may motivate them to turn out to vote in much greater numbers than those who are generally content with city council. I think there could be some surprises on election night.

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