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Nomination updates: Calgary-Heritage and Calgary-Midnapore by-elections

Some recent updates related to two federal by-elections soon expected to be called in Calgary:

Federal by-elections must be called in Calgary-Heritage by February 25, 2017 and in Calgary-Midnapore no later than March 22, 2017. An updated list of nominated by-election candidates with their social media links can be found here.

4 replies on “Nomination updates: Calgary-Heritage and Calgary-Midnapore by-elections”

we are excited the by election . since these are the two most important constituency in Canada , we would like to see the debates in French and English and specially in heritage constituency . thanks

Hearing that Arlene Dickinson has taken out papers to run for the Liberal nomination in Heritage. She oughta clean Lee Richardson’s clock…

Don’t kid yourselves, this is south Calgary. We are talking about Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney’s former seats. These are going CPC by at least 55%, probably 60+

I’m sure relative to their history in those ridings, the Liberals will make great gains, just as they did down in Medicine Hat. But do they have any actual hope of winning these seats? Lord no.

And this is coming from a progressive.

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