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Alberta Politics By The Numbers on November 5, 2016

Total number of MLAs: 87

Number of Government MLAs: 54

Number of Opposition MLAs: 33

Number of former government MLAs now sitting in the opposition caucus: 7

Number of former opposition MLAs sitting in the government caucus: 4

Number of women MLAs: 28

Number of male MLAs: 59

Number of cabinet ministers: 19

Number of women cabinet ministers: 10

In the current session of the Legislature, which began on March 8, 2016…

…”carbon tax” has been mentioned 2568 times.

…”carbon levy” has been mentioned 622 times.

…”oil” has been mentioned 1308 times.

…”climate change” has been mentioned 1254 times.

… “revenue neutral” has been mentioned 272 times.

…”fentanyl” has been mentioned 216 times.

…”transparency” has been mentioned 198 times.

… “risky” has been mentioned 112 times.

… “ideology” has been mentioned 95 times.

… “Leap Manifesto” has been mentioned 92 times.

… “socialist” has been mentioned 46 times.

… “Trudeau” has been mentioned 19 times.

Number of MLAs first elected in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016: 1, 3, 2, 8, 1, 71, 1

Number of MLAs who were previously elected to municipal councils or school boards: 9

Number of MLAs who were previously elected to the House of Commons: 1

Number of bills introduced into the Assembly in this session: 34

Number of bills that have received Royal Assent in this session: 23

Numbers of declared candidates for the Progressive Conservative Party leadership: 6

Number of women running for the PC Party leadership: 2

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