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Answers to the Alberta Politics crossword

Listed below are the answers to yesterday’s Alberta Politics crossword. In response to a friendly challenge from Edmonton-South West MLA Thomas Dang, check this blog next week for the Dang Hard Edition of the Alberta Politics crossword.


1. Rick Strankman

3. Public Revenue

4. Brian Topp

6. Leela Aheer

7. Prasad Panda

8. Orr

10. Food

12. Nine AM

14. Difficult

15. Rona Ambrose

16. Sky Palace

18. MMXV

19. Ceci

20. Farm Workers

21. Kent Hehr

22. Elbow

24. Notley

25. Red

29. City

30. Brian Mason

31. Ric McIver

32. Thomas Dang

33. Richard Gotfried

34. Littlewood

35. Shaye Anderson


2. Shannon Phillips

5. Deborah Drever

9. Robin Campbell

11. Luff

13. Olds

14. Democracy

17. Corporate Taxes

23. Sohi

26. David Swann

27. Obama

28. Goehring

3 replies on “Answers to the Alberta Politics crossword”

I think your mancrush on Rick the wheat criminal is showing Dave… it’s Strankman, not Strongman. Freudian slip much? 😉

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