Liberals drop candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland

A Facebook post of disallowed Liberal candidate Chris Austin.

A Facebook post of disallowed Liberal candidate Chris Austin.

The federal Liberal Party appears to have cancelled the candidacy of Chris Austin, who was nominated as the party’s candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland on September 7, 2015.

According to a post on his Facebook page, Mr. Austin was disallowed because of something he has said in the past on social media. Mr. Austin said in the post that he plans to run as an Independent candidate in the riding instead.

Mr. Austin ran as the Liberal candidate in the now-defunct Edmonton-Spruce Grove riding in the 2008 and 2011 federal elections, earning 11.5 percent and 9.3 percent of the vote in those races. He was also the provincial Liberal candidate in the Spruce Grove-St. Albert constituency in the 2012 election.

His departure brings the Liberals back down to 33 nominated candidates in Alberta. A new nomination meeting has been scheduled for September 17, 2015, where the Liberals are expected to acclaim candidate Travis Dueck.

Other candidates running in Sturgeon River-Parkland include Conservative Rona Ambrose, Green Brendon Green, New Democrat Guy Desforges and Christian Heritage candidate Ernest Chauvet.

2 thoughts on “Liberals drop candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland

  1. Dan McAvena

    This is healthy activity for party cleansing all parties could use way more of it . It is more than obvious that the vetting process all parties use is insufficient and inadequate . There’s a silver lining in the news of two Conservative candidates being dropped as candidates in the space of one day that is CIMS (constituent information management system) is being exposed as a Database that has Flaws in it’s adaptation to Statistical Conclusions drawn from assumptions.

  2. Alex

    What do you guys think about the LPC taking control of Facebook accounts to vet candidates? Personally I think it’s a little creepy.


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