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Alberta Election 2015 By The Numbers

Date of Alberta’s 2015 election: May 5, 2015
Date of Alberta’s 2016 fixed-election:
Between March 1 and May 31, 2016
Total number of votes cast in the 2015 election (unofficial results)
: 1,486,877
Total number of votes cast in the 2012 election (unofficial results): 1,290,223
Constituency with highest voter turnout: 68.07% in Drayton Valley-Devon
Constituency with lowest voter turnout: 40.8% in Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo
Total number of re-elected MLAs: 13*
Total number of new MLAs: 74*
Newly elected MLAs in the Government Caucus: 49
Newly elected MLAs in the Opposition: 20 (18 Wildrose, 1 PC and 1 Alberta Party)
Number of women in the Government Caucus: 25* out of 53 MLAs (47% of the NDP Caucus)
Number of women in the Opposition Caucuses: 3*
Number of MLA resignations since May 5, 2015: 1 (Jim Prentice in Calgary-Foothills)
Number of tied races: 1 (*Calgary-Glenmore, pending a recount)
Most votes for a candidate: 15,350 for the NDP’s Marlin Schmidt in Edmonton-Gold Bar
Highest percentage of votes for a candidate: 82.4% for Rachel Notley in Edmonton-Strathcona
Longest serving re-elected MLA: Brian Mason, NDP MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood first elected in 2000.
Closest race that is not a tie: Little Bow with a margin of 12 votes (recount pending)
Youngest elected MLA: Thomas Dang, 20 years old, was elected in Edmonton-South West.
Total vote for the NDP in 2015603,461
Total vote for the NDP in 2012126,752
Total vote for the Wildrose Party in 2015
Total vote for the Wildrose Party in 2012
Total vote for the PC Party in 2015:
Total vote for the PC Party in 2012:
Total vote for the Liberal Party in 2015: 
Total vote for the Liberal Party in 2012: 
Total vote for the Alberta Party in 2015: 33,867
Total vote for the Alberta Party in 2012:

2 replies on “Alberta Election 2015 By The Numbers”

If you assume 2008 to be the last “business as usual” election for the PC dynasty. These are some rough numbers I find interesting when comparing 2008 to 2015:

Increase in total votes: 545 000

Increase in NDP votes: 523 000
Increase in Wildrose votes: 296 000

Decrease in PC votes: 88 000
Decrease in Liberal votes: 190 000

I look at that and I don’t see long term PC support shifting to the NDP. I see the collapse of the liberal party, a lot of new Albertans, and lot of people who never thought of an alternative before. With 2012 being a hold your nose and vote PC because the Wildrose is scary. It always amazes me how few people ever change their minds.

Looking at the numbers compared to NDP support, your point is very valid. The leadership and charismatic common sense intelligence of Rachel Notley did capture the hearts of the Liberal base. Rachel Notley outshines any leader in distant history I’d wager since her father Grant and his much lauded political adversary, Peter Lougheed. The increase in voter turnout seemed to be captured by the qualities of integrity and vision. This is going to be a very constructive new era in Alberta’s history. I am delighted to have been part of it.

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