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#pcldr Flashback: Alison Redford 2011: Why I want to be Premier of Alberta

Alison Redford Alberta POlitics
Former Premier Alison Redford, during the 2011 Progressive Conservative leadership race.

With today’s release of Auditor General Merwan Saher‘s report on Alison Redford‘s travel habits, and as Premier Dave Hancock, leadership frontrunner Jim Prentice and Progressive Conservative MLAs desperately try to distance themselves from their former leader, it is important that we look back to a more optimistic time. During the 2011 PC leadership race, and the provincial election that followed, the former premier (and now former MLA for Calgary-Elbow) seemed to be full of potential and represented a hopeful future for her party and the province.

But, as we are now all aware, promises were broken and “mistakes were made” by Ms. Redford and her government.

Here is a look back to a happier time, in 2011, when then-leadership candidate Ms. Redford was asked why she wanted to become Premier of Alberta:

Editor’s Note: I will be taking a short break from the world of political blogging for the next week to enjoy the limited summer weather that our great country has to offer. To fill your need for daily Alberta politics news in my absence, keep an eye on and the always prolific #ableg and #pcldr hashtags on Twitter.

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This AG’s Report is all about Alberta’s Public Service Alliance. To say that the Political Theater that is Our Legislature in a dysfunctional fight on the right all about Urban vs. Rural. The Wildrose knows all the skeletons in the PC Bureaucratic Public Alliance. Danielle Smith knows how to stir up dissension. Ask . Tom Flanagan and Stephen Mandel. the question I am left to ponder is “Who” do I trust to Manage our Petro-Treasury and “who and how” to solve our public servants issue’s with the Old . Deaf Progressive Conservatives ?

What a great throwback Thursday this is.

Enjoy your break Dave; you’ve done a lot of great research/commentary lately and certainly earned it.

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