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A Premier Penthouse Suite: Where Luxury is Yours

Redford Penthouse Suite Alberta PC

Find your home away from home in Edmonton, Alberta in the newly renovated art-deco Federal Building. Elegant features throughout the Premier’s Penthouse Suite are designed to make a private place in the province’s capital as special as it can be.

This luxurious penthouse suite includes sleeping and grooming quarters with clothing storage for an adult and one teenager, a separate private study, a relaxed, social space for entertaining and watching TV, and a library area. The spacious suite features a seated formal and semi-formal dining room for 8 to 12 people, comfortable seating for meetings and entertaining, and panoramic views of the Alberta Legislature.

Whether your visit is for government business, family sightseeing or lounging in the TV room, your enjoyment is our priority.

For more information, see: Alison Redford ordered penthouse suite in Federal Building.

18 replies on “A Premier Penthouse Suite: Where Luxury is Yours”

Funny how everyone in the PC party is now saying they were against it all along. The rot is evident in that this must have passed through executive council and that all the effort to ensure public scrutiny was avoided through a perversion of the rules. More entitlement and secrecy.

You forgot to mention the ‘butler’s pantry’ (I am of the great unwashed, so don’t even know what that is). Perhaps Ms. Redford planned to hire a live-in butler? Who knows. But the new game of ‘everybody pile-on Alison’ seems to be a big hit in Alberta.

The PC (Perfectly Corrupt) party needs to go. Not one of these people even thought to question the rampant corruption. Yes, Redford is worse than most of them, but the fact that no one thought to question this outrageous abuse of taxpayers shows clearly that the culture of entitlement in the PC party is business as usual.
Redford should resign. How can she even show her face in public anymore?

None of the PC MLAs had the bxlls to speak out way back when in 2012. Why to they deserve Leadership let alone office? The public can’t trust liars.

When can I check in? let’s be honest, the idea isn’t that bad, better then having the Premier spend a fortune on Hotels when they’re in The Capital region right……

Wow…this is even worse than the South Africa trip controversy. I want to know why she’s still allowed to caucus with the PCs. I also want to know if she’s going to run for Calgary-Elbow in 2016.

Another example of poor judgement by Alison and supported by her inner circle of MLA advisers. But pretty small $$ in the overall Alberta operational budget and revenues.
So who will be the first party to mention the “elephant” in the room ……………………. Alberta has a revenue problem.
But it cost “Honest Ed” his job when he proposed extremely modest royalty increase.
Same old same old – cuts, cuts, cuts The Conservative & Wildrose answer to everything.

I was surprised to learn that the Premier of Alberta DIDN’T have a government owned permanent residence in Edmonton. This suite in the former Federal Building would become an asset adding to value of the building and I’m pretty sure Alison Redford wasn’t planning to take it home with her when she left office. It would have been available to all future Premiers. After all, a suite doesn’t even compare to the homes provided to the Prime Minister and various other leaders of the Federal Government.

Where did the picture come from? If it’s stock photography maybe you should label it as such. The scandal isn’t living quarters, it’s the opulence of said living quarters.

@William Munsey, maybe try reading the documents that were released (including emails between Barberio and the department directly involved) before making incorrect assumptions 😉

Thanks for all the comments.

John Brent – The Premier, like all MLAs who live outside the Edmonton region, receives a living allowance for accommodations inside the city.

May Day – The design of the penthouse suite was to accommodate one adult and one teenager. This suite was to be designed to specifically accommodate Ms. Redford and her daughter, not future premiers.

As noted in my previous comment, the Premier, like all MLAs who live outside the Edmonton region, receives a living allowance for accommodations inside the city.

Chris – The photo is taken from a screenshot of a room at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington DC. The Premier’s penthouse suite was to be designed to resemble accommodations in this hotel, according to the released government documents related to the penthouse.

Maybe they funded the penthouse with funds from the newly discovered cash fund kept secret from the public, the Tapcal Trust. Something other parties not allowed by law.

Yes, things are smelling up pretty badly. The stables need to be cleaned.

Darrel, they will now become victims of their an greed and self serving culture. Built on quicksand and a flimsy pile of lies, when it comes crashing down it will be sudden and rapid, just like the social credit. A system that has no sense of virtues, honesty or ethics is doomed to self implode. Just look at the quality of MLAs..they don’t have bxlls, courage or desire to simply do the right thing, because in Tory Land, ethics, honesty, morality and virtues are extremely complicated and abstract constructs that are just inconveniences when keeping a strangle hold on power. Skirting election finances, electoral fraud, continual whitewashing of almost every portfolio where there is smoke and now this secretive trust fund, how is that fair for other parties or democracy?. People cannot support such a dishonest, untrustworthy mismanagement of our tax revenue. They use our tax money to keep power, line the pockets of corporate donors and use the publics’ money like a personal slush fund. The public’s trust is so tarnished and trampled on, I don’t know why any sane individual would want to ride with this group, unless they are looking to keep the status quo and be the last leader. Its just lipstick on a pig. There is a renewed perception and optimism out there that the WR, Libs and Dippers are going to be taking on a bunch of new ridings next election.

Monumentis Sentinalis, the PC decline in moral, ethical, and virtuous behavior, if that is what is actually happening, has to be carefully reflected upon by the public. Since if Albertans turn to Danielle Smith’s Wild Rose and these issues (why the PC Party has declined; how much damage , if any, there has been to the province’s democratic traditions, values, structures; how much of the decline in ethical behavior comes from within the PC Party as opposed to the wider community) are not resolved, a change in the governing party will not solve anything. Far abroad, I have learned from reading the historic account how Turkey has seen reforms attempted since the 1830’s! Those reforms sadly are still needed in Turkey today, but the pattern has been set. The continue to NOT grasp the essence of the reality of the problems (I have lived in Turkey for family reasons off and on in past years). We have to get in front of this entire issue and clean the stables every once in awhile, but let’s not fail to understand and do the whole job, and not make an industry of reforms. Maybe a Commission needs to be formed, maybe we need a citizens forum, maybe we need wholesale changes and rules put in place. But the decline in citizen participation and cynicism is not good for democratic traditions where participation is directly required to make it work. If we don’t make it happen, we will set the stage for authoritarian rule to take its place – yes, even in Canada. If we let immaturity rule, to let people blow off civic responsibilities, you eventually get someone that takes over that doesn’t listen to what you want,but does what they want – to fill the leadership vacuum. We really don’t have much choice but to fix things, it is only a matter of time before people realize the need and act. Now, they don’t believe direct and forceful action in terms of reform are needed – it is easy to blame the PCs for everything. I say, we need to address the whole province and ask them why they think they can ignore the entire process of elections, getting involved, and acting to get their interests addressed. This goes well beyond the WR and Danielle Smith in power. We need a new social contract between citizens. We need to understand why people ignore public life so much that it allows an individual to think they can just show up once every four years and make an X and things are done. And they don’t even do that. I keep thinking of the non-profit ad done by the actor Samuel Jackson in the last Presidential election….he said in the tv spot, ” Wake the @*$%@#$ up!” ” It does matter (you get involved)”

U willing to think differently or be somewhat compassionate to their fellow man, via progressive taxation. The propaganda of no sales tax and flat sales tax is a hypocrisy Albertans won’t relent to understand. We are nearing 20 billion in debt, still they think they have some advantage.

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