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Another director departs the Public Affairs Bureau

Reliable sources have informed this blogger that Tracy Balash has left her position as the acting managing director of the Public Affairs Bureau, the Government of Alberta’s communications-wing.

Sources says that Ms. Balash will be joining the Department of Aboriginal Relations next week to fill a joint position with Alberta Human Services. In this new job, she is expected to play a leading role in the provincial government’s effort to enhance economic security for Aboriginal women.

Eight months ago, Ms. Balash, then the Executive Director of Communications Planning, stepped in as acting managing director to replace departing director Lee Funke. Ms. Balash had only recently joined the PAB after working in Premier Alison Redford‘s Communications Office. The PAB has been in a period of transition over the past year following a series of high-level retirements and a reorganization that saw ministerial press secretaries removed from its apparatus.

Ms. Balash’s successor has not been announced.

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