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Don Iveson Edmonton Folk Festival Ad
Mayoral candidate Don Iveson’s ad in this year’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival program guide.

For this political junkie, one of the small highlights of attending Edmonton’s Folk Music Festival each year is flipping through the $5 programme book to sneak a look at the political ads placed in the programme guide. The political ads are always from politicians sitting in the political centre or left and the best ones are framed with a silly Folk Fest theme.

Considering a large portion of the 20,000-30,000 people attending the annual Folk Fest are probably Conservative voters (this is Alberta, after all), I remain surprised why conservative politicians appear reluctant to support the annual festival programme.

Like their always entertaining mock videos at the annual Legislature Press Gallery Christmas party, the Alberta NDP Caucus excels in this category (see below for this year’s entry, which was taken from last year’s entry), but this year there is some competition.

The program ad from Councillor Don Iveson, running for Mayor in the October elections, includes something that all Folk Fest attendees can relate to.

An ad from Ward 8 Councillor Ben Henderson, who represents the area on City Council, is included in the programme book. Even the federal Liberals have an ad – albeit with a serious and not funny message from leader Justin Trudeau.

Alberta NDP Edmonton Folk Fest Ad
The Alberta NDP Caucus ad in this year’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival program guide.

And Edmonton-Strathcona MP Linda Duncan, who represents the neighbourhood in which the Folk Fest is held, has her ad.

Linda Duncan Edmonton Folk Fest Ad
New Democrat Member of Parliament Linda Duncan’s ad in this year’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival program guide.

5 replies on “Politics with your Folk”

I don’t know, Dave. I think it’s when he’s trying to be serious that JT is truly funny (or laughable, anyhow). Linda’s ad is also funny ( unintentionally, I’m sure). Is she attending a folk festival or a quilting bee?

@Bob – Agreed. Someone observed to me that Linda Duncan’s ad looks like an advertisement for some kind of guru-church.

@Jack – I think there are quite a few people in their target audience who would read the ad (at least, quite a few Conservative voters).

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