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A new look. A work in progress.

After three years with the same template, this week I decided to update the look of

It is still a work in progress, but feedback is welcomed!

5 replies on “A new look. A work in progress.”

It’s so white; so much blank white space, it looks like it needs a paint job. Granted the first time I saw it, the Leg dome skyline pic wasn’t there. But aside from that, there is no colour at all. And yet, with all that free space, the font size is still too small. If you’re going to stick with this design, perhaps make the font size bigger, not only occupying more of the white space, but making it easier for your mortality-deferred readership to read.

I always enjoy your insights on AB politics. I do find much of the stuff on Edmonton civic politics, like who is running for Council, less interesting, but only because I don’t live there. It’s only when Edmonton civic politics have a broader impact, like the Muni debate or the question of provincial funding for the Katz arena, that I get interested. (Of course, few in Edmonton would find a Grande Prairie politics blog interesting either).


– Jerry

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