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Preston Manning throws Alison Redford, Tom Flanagan under the conservative bus.

Preston Manning
Preston Manning


Speaking about the state of Canada’s conservative movement at this weekend’s Manning Centre Networking Conference in Ottawa, former Reform Party leader Preston Manning denounced the ethical and financial state of Premier Alison Redford‘s Progressive Conservatives.

“…in Alberta an aging Progressive Conservative administration has lost its way ethically and fiscally and needs to be overhauled or replaced,” Mr. Manning told an audience of close to 800 conservative activists.

Mr. Manning heaped this criticism on the forty-one year governing PCs, giving an obvious tip of the hat towards his ideological allies in the right-wing Wildrose Official Opposition.

Mr. Manning also used his speech to denounce two controversial statements and tell conservatives that they need to draw the line about what public comments are acceptable in their movement.

Mr. Manning characterized his former advisor Tom Flanagan‘s comments about child pornography and homophobic remarks made by a Wildrose candidate in the last provincial election as “intemperate and ill-considered remarks that discredit the conservative movement as a whole.”

“For the sake of the movement and the maintenance of public trust, conservative organizations should be prepared to swiftly and publicly disassociate themselves from those individuals that cross the line,” Mr. Manning said.

Numerous supporters of Dr. Flanagan attending the conference prominently sported buttons showing the face of the discredited university professor.

10 replies on “Preston Manning throws Alison Redford, Tom Flanagan under the conservative bus.”

Manning was the leader of the reform party until 1999. In the 2000 election with 6 months at the helm, Stockwell Day did better than Manning ever could do in 10 years.

This is a man who is a perennial loser, and he showed it again today.

Dave – you might consider following the lead of the AP and nixing the use of the term “homophobia.”

It is not accurate, since there is no irrational, uncontrollable fear of homosexuals.

There clearly is a worldview difference regarding the appropriateness of homosexual activity.

However, it does not further the conversation to use inflammatory words that amount to little more than name calling.

The Associated Press made the right call on this.

Ha – you might want to steer entirely clear of that whole AP contoversy! They’ve been seriously called out for a narrow and inaccurate understanding of the use of “anything…phobia”, a failure to differentiate the suffix from the noun along with pandering to anti-gay groups and individuals who want a more friendly, neutral term used for them. Along with ignoring that much anti-gay rhetoric and language is indeed irrational and frequently seemingly uncontrollable. And that just a small sample of the sort of disagreement I have noted that AP’s choice has generated since they made it

It’s a great kettle of fish if you want to jump into it though!

Redford’s budget is not conservative, but it isn’t other kinds of budgeting ideology either. It certainly is not based on rationality or any social ideas. It is not exactly an economic document only, but has a political basis – to blow one by the voters.

Tell me, do you accept and/or believe the ‘old’ deficit numbers of 2 Billion dollars in the red this year? They are trying to blow it by you. It is likely much higher.

It is very sad.

Manning is the Bob Johnson of politics, he puts together a great team but he could never win the cup, the next coach always won the cup because he was a hard nose. Mannings best before is long past, his principles have been co-opted for political correctness which is code for fall in line, hand in your balls at the door or be sorry.

Probably nothing wrong with Mr Manning thought processes, most of his revelations are to protect conservatism. In my estimation he is much more of a principled political sage than that Frum (son of Barbara) who comments on american right wing politics. Somebody mentioned Stockwell Day but these are two individuals with entirely different personalities. I am afraid his assessment of Redford is to late and much damage will be done before Alison leaves the scene. His thoughts on that dumb prof of the Calgary univ are probably right on and I wont comment as I never really did take to him.

Preston Manning hit it right on the head, this is the most corrupt,dishonest government ever to win an election. It was was done by lying to the voters about finances just as the bus was going over the fiscal cliff.

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