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Welcome to Queen’s Park West.

Alberta Queens Park West
Queen’s Park West

The staff overhaul in Premier Alison Redford‘s Communications Office has resulted in two new hires. One was already working in Alberta’s Legislature and the other comes direct from Ontario’s provincial legislature.

Already under the dome, Michael Norris left his job as Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths‘ press secretary to become the Premier’s Issues Manager.

Neala Barton is the outgoing Director of Media Relations for recently retired Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and will soon begin her new job as the media relations lead in the Alberta Premier’s Communications Office (now to be referred to as “Queen’s Park West“). She is also a former reporter with CBC television in Edmonton.

Ms. Barton will be joining another Ontario political expat in Queen’s Park West, Communications Director Stefan Baranski. Mr. Baranski previously worked for Ontario Tory leaders Ernie Eves, John Tory, and Tim Hudak.

Facing-off against an aggressive official opposition, it is no coincidence that the Premier’s communications team is looking to hire political operators from a province where political competition is not a new phenomenon.

On a related note, I have been unable to confirm rumours that special orders from the Brewers Retail and Pizza Pizza will be flown in daily to Edmonton.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact 416-967-1111.

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Ya, ’cause it’s just a “communications” problem.
Welcome Neala and Stephan. Good luck with this pig’s ear of a PC gov’t!

You must be from Alberta. Everyone knows the Brewers’ Retail does not take special orders. You will line up with everyone else, you will select a case of beer from the brands available, you will pay your money, and then, only then, will you get your beer. Now get out! Brewers’ Retail: The private sector providing service so bad everyone in Ontario blames the government!


Thanks for the blog post. Always good to have something to read. But observing two staff members being from Ontario is some provincial, small ball nonsense.

An analysis of Queen’s Park would show it probably has as much business being called ABLeg West.

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