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r.i.p. peter lougheed (1928-2012).

Peter Lougheed Alberta Premier Now
Former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed during the 1971 election.

Former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed passed away today.

Mr. Lougheed became leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party in 1965 and was first elected as Premier in the 1971 election, defeating the long-governing Social Credit Party dynasty. He served as Premier until retiring from politics in 1985. His Premiership began what has now become 41 consecutive years of PC Party government in Alberta.

I was only 23 months old when Mr. Lougheed retired from politics, so I have no personal recollections from his time in the Premier’s Office. Growing up in Alberta, I am acutely aware of the common myth that Mr. Lougheed’s time in government represented a Camelot era in our province’s politics.

Historical revisionism and embellishments aside, Mr. Lougheed was not afraid to play a strong role on the national stage and his government made huge strides on social policy, economic development, public infrastructure, and opening the Legislative Assembly to Albertans. One of the first laws passed by Mr. Lougheed’s PC government in 1972 made all daily proceedings in the Assembly recorded and distributed in Hansard. Soon after that, debates on the floor of the Legislative Assembly began to be televised.

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Mr Lougheed gained the respect of people on all parts of the political spectrum. He raised royalties and enacted legislation to protect the disadvantaged. He took on the big banks that refused to lend money to Alberta businesses and protected Alberta’s right to control its own natural resources. His skillful negotiations with Mr Trudeau over the constitutional amendments is legendary. He continued to advocate for the measured development of the oil sands long after he left the political stage. Truly a remarkable man.

Karlheinz Schreiber: Meet me in the hotel – I’ve got the briefcase.

B. Mulroney: Let’s make a deal!


Karlheinz Schreiber: Meet me in the hotel – I’ve got the briefcase.

P Lougheed: Get out of my office before I call the police. And stay the hell away from my ministers.

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