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limited edition, one-of-a-kind “lake of fire” t-shirt.

The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta will be selling these limited edition, one-of-a-kind “Lake of Fire” t-shirts at their booth at this year’s Edmonton Pride Festival. T-Shirts are $20 each and all proceeds will be donated to support Camp fYrefly.

Lake of Fire t-shirt Edmonton Pride Parade
Lake of Fire t-shirt

The t-shirts are a reference to a blog post written by a Wildrose Party candidate in the recent election.

(Thanks to Kristopher Wells for passing this along)

10 replies on “limited edition, one-of-a-kind “lake of fire” t-shirt.”

Since my husband, Bryan, was the Alberta Party candidate running against Hunsperger, I feel a strong need to possess one of these!

And everybody wonders why our world in going to hell and fast! People drugged up eating others and the massive spread of disease and death. Governments corrupt and the police sexually interfering with our women.
Hey I have an Idea lets all get “Lake of Fire” shirts and sing kumbaya while our world goes to shit.
I could careless what sexual position, partner or preference you have. But I do have a problem with Anti Human bull that we have adopted and celebrate in this ZOMBIE nation!

Bob, better determine the gender of SnoochBoochy before you go handing out smoochie-woochies. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

Bob Bob Bob if only a smooch would wipe away the facts about how there is Fluoride in the water and GMO food is killing our kids. Or perhaps it will interest you to know that Autism went from 1:25,000 15 yrs ago to 1:60 ??? Have I got your attention yet or are you still puckered?
But hey lets continue to drag Allen over the coals about a comment made in poor taste about a valid “pro/anti human” position he personally holds.
Or better yet let us bury our heads in the sand deeper with laughter and ridicule because the reality is quite scary right now.
Ironically my wife hasn’t been home in a few weeks so perhaps I am due 😉

I live in Calgary and won’t be able to attend the Pride Festival up in Edmonton. How do I purchase one of the t-shirts down here? Thanks.

I too want one of these awesome shirts, but am also in Calgary and unable to get ahold of one of these awesome pieces of merch.

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