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photos: politicians in edmonton’s pride parade 2012.

Dave Colburn Edmonton Public School Chair
Dave Colburn, chair of Edmonton's Public School Board.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2012 David Eggen and Deron Bilous MLA
NDP MLA's David Eggen and Deron Bilous.
Edmonton Pride Parade Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman
Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman (second from the left)
Edmonton Pride Parade 2012 Edmonton City Councillors
Edmonton City Councillors Ben Henderson, Kim Krushell, and Dave Loken.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2012 Raj Sherman
Liberal MLA Raj Sherman
Edmonton Pride Parade 2012 NDP
Quebec NDP MP Dany Morin and former Edmonton candidate Lewis Cardinal.

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Art: Redford wasn’t technically “in” the parade. She spoke at the opening ceremonies afterward, which I couldn’t attend (due to a very tired dog that needed to get some rest – he was in the parade too). Sadly, that also means that I didn’t get a photo.

I really don’t get the “Let’s see who can pander the most to the gays”. Equality? Absolutely I support that but why do you need a parade to show how different you are?

Joe Albertan….maybe it’s because straight people don’t face discrimination and don’t have to defend their right to be who they are? Think about it…

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