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redford tories win a majority in alberta election.

PC Majority
Premier Alison Redford's Tories have won a majority in Alberta's election.

What was expected to be the most exciting provincial election in history of Alberta has turned out to be the continuation of the 41 year Progressive Conservative dynasty. The pollsters, the media, and the pundits (this blogger included) appear to have completely misjudged the electoral climate in the final days of the election.

Global Television, CTV, and CBC have all declared a majority government for Premier Alison Redford‘s PC Party.

It appears that the call by the PC Party to moderate Liberal and NDP voters to vote strategically to block the Wildrose Party from forming government was successful. The Liberal Party vote, at 25% in the 2008 election, has collapsed across the province. At this point in the evening, Liberal leader Raj Sherman is trailing the Tory challenger in his Edmonton-Meadowlark constituency.

The NDP are on track to elect 4 MLAs, adding former MLA David Eggen from Edmonton-Calder and Deron Bilous from Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview.

The Wildrose Party has swept southern Alberta. Danielle Smith and official opposition party Wildrose Party now have the challenge of managing the expectations of their supporters who believed that they were on the cusp of forming government.

As of 9:42 p.m., CBC is reporting the seat count as (leading or elected):

PC: 23 Elected, 37 Leading
Wildrose: 7 Elected, 13 Leading
NDP: 2 Elected, 2 Leading
Liberal: 3 Leading

More analysis as the results come in.

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The last time the sheeple of Alberta elected a provincial government other than PC, man had not yet walked on the moon and the Leafs had just won the Stanley Cup in a six team NHL. Still, credit where credit’s due: gotta hand it to genius campaign strategist Stephen Carter and his undercover sleeper cell operatives Allan “Lake of Fire” Hunsperger in Edmonton and Ron “Caucasian” Leech in Calgary.

Albertans returned to power a corrupt, Big Oil government that subordinates social needs and the environment to the unwillingness of the wealthy and corporations to pay even half the taxes they would pay in another province. Like many others, I had worked to elect more real progressives, in my case via So, watching the progressive vote halve within one election was depressing.

But I’m proud of Albertans. I’ve often wondered if there are any limits to our willingness to embrace greed and bigotry. Clearly there are. It wasn’t Hunsperger and Leech who sank Smith; she did it herself by refusing to denounce them, conflating their right to speak their minds with her duty not to have flakes as her candidates. And then her comments on climate change suggested that the flakiness factor in a WR government would not have been restricted to the backbenches.

What a sigh of relief waking up to this news. Saved me from having to do a lot of explaining to my non-Albertan friends here in Ontario and Quebec. In any event, the Alberta provincial election was much more interesting than the snoozefest that was the recent Ontario election. Now, hopefully this will be a wakeup call for the PCs to stop acting like a dynasty entitled to power. A minority government would’ve helped that more though, I guess.

Democracy is the act of a morons vote counting the same as an informed engaged voters vote. Albertans have spoken and hopefully Redford takes heed to the disdain for nanny statism, there were good people thrown out and replaced by uninformed clowns, and uninformed clowns were kept in office while good candidates went home. There should be a test to get a voting card. You, Dave were quite fair through the campaign, on the other hand the MSM Wild Rose lickers like Rutherford and Braid should have to go on TV with egg all over their faces, their verbal hard-ons for Smith got real tiring over 28 days.

Although I’m sad to see that the liberals lost so many seats, I can’t help but ask: Is this finally going to be a wake up call for the Liberal party? STOP electing former PCs as your party leader?!?! Nancy MacBeth distroyed the party and couldn’t even win her seat. Raj just halved the party again and barely held on to his.

Message for Herbert B Patrotage: You forgot to say “and women knew their place back then too.” Chin up, maybe a time machine will be invented to take you back to those fab days of the socreds you seem to miss so much. Too bad you can’t just enjoy Alberta’s glory days. And oh yeah…baaaa baaaa baaaa!

First off, Alison Redford is now the most successful female politician in Canadian history by any and every measure.

Second, just under 80% of the people in Alberta voted for a party lead by a woman.

Third, this is the first time in Canadian history that the government and official opposition are lead by women.

Fourth, Alison Redford managed to achieve the 3rd highest vote total for the PCs ever.

Fifth, the Alberta Party did the worst ever for an political party in Alberta that had a sitting MLA going into the election.

How’s it feel to be wiped out Liberals? Tricky Dick Miller & the liberal staff better have lots of moving boxes! The Wild Rose will love their new second floor office.

I almost feel bad for Kevin Taft his legacy has been swept clean

Wow, I’d think I was living in Myanmar by some of the comments on this thread. Never “drunk comment” folks!

The sun appears to have risen and all is right with the world.

I am content with Redfords win, she’s just a touch to the right of a decent centrist government similar to that of Peter Lougheeds gov. I cannot handle that extreme right B.S. it’s a sham

Bartinsky: you need to do some reading. Everyone has a vote, and the right to exercise it. If there were a test, I think I would find that you had not read the Charter, the Elections act of Alberta., listened to more than CBC, and perhaps the IPCC report, along with business pages.

The polls were wrong cause they do not call cell phones. They also cannot count the effect of a massive pc party machine.

But WR got 34% of the vote, so they will regroup. After fur years, Redford wills have to run on her record, there will be no one else to blame.

Hope that everyone can settle down and do the best for Alberta. I just hope the rumors of NEP no. Two are not true. Many of the younger voters would not have lived thru that era

And to the fellow who is now glad he does not have to explain Albertans to his ont and Quebec friends, we never will ask you to apologize for the fiscally responsible, hard working, entrepreneurial Albertans. I wou
D be apologizing for the entitlement society in Ontario that has you in such a fiscal mess. That is what happens when you get more free stuff than you can pay for.

Dr. Sherman did well under the extremely difficult circumstances by holding on to 5 seats. Wildrose will never be taken seriously as they displayed their true nature – racists, bigots and anti-gay. PC-Redford lied again as they said it may become a Wildrose majority and all libs+ndp to vote PC. Many mistakenly did. Next election, Libs will vote liberal and they will pick up many more seats. This is the strangest province in the world where right wing gov’t has a right wing opposition. It’s like saying “My brother is Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl”.

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