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trying to go viral: pre-election youtube videos.

With a provincial election expected to be called within the next week or two, candidates representing Alberta’s political parties have been hoping to grab voters attentions by uploading campaign videos on YouTube.

The best YouTube video I have seen so far in this pre-election period belongs to Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview NDP candidate Deron Bilous. The video is a five minute mini-documentary that gives a good introduction and background to the candidate.

Mostly produced by the candidates and their campaign teams, with the exception of the central campaign filmed Progressive Conservative videos. The PC videos, featuring candidates Doug Griffiths, Jason Luan, Rick Fraser, and Bob Maskell, include the same format and special effects (including a talking billboard headshot of the candidates). These videos have a good production quality, but have a better effect when the speaker is dynamic.

The Wildrose Party video features Cardston-Taber-Warner candidate Gary Bikman. Having only lost this constituency to the PCs by 49 votes in the last provincial election, it is high on the Wildrose list of target constituencies.

The next two videos feature Innisfail-Sylvan Lake Liberal candidate Les Vidok and Edmonton-Ellerslie NDP candidate Rod Loyola.

5 replies on “trying to go viral: pre-election youtube videos.”

Why did Gary Bikman use the soundtrack from the Exorcist? That was creepy! It made flies land on my window. After they were gone, I looked outside and there was a Wildrose government. Yuk! Then I watched Bob Maskell – who looked like the star of “real life Social Credit leadership” – and I felt like I was back in Alberta again.

You know what attracts flies.
I appreciate all candidates who are using media to get out the voters in this election

talking heads embedded in a billboard?

That 2-3 seconds seems silly-bizarre funny.

some sort of updated Alice in Wonderland motif in there…?

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