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alberta election 2012: an early wildrose wave.

Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith and her candidates across Alberta will be cheering this morning when they see the results of a Forum Research poll showing their party with 41% support province-wide. Another poll, released by Leger Marketing this morning, shows the Wildrose Party with 34%, closely trailing Premier Alison Redford‘s Progressive Conservatives, who sat at 37% support.

These two polls differ in methodology. Forum used an interactive voice response telephone survey (push button) that interviewed 1069 Albertans on the day the election was called. Leger used a traditional telephone poll that interviews 1,215 Albertans in the four days before the election campaign was called. The Forum poll has a margin of error of +/- 3% and the Leger poll +/- 2.8%.

Polls released by Forum Research, Leger Marketing, Think HQ Public Affairs, and Ipsos-Reid have been released since the election was called on Monday, March 26, and have included a range of results:

Progressive Conservative: 31% – 38%
Wildrose Party: 33% – 41%
Liberal Party: 11% – 13%
Alberta NDP: 11% – 13%
Alberta Party: 2%

It is still very early in the election campaign, but polls will be very worrying for Premier Redford’s Tory Party, which has formed government for the past 41 years in Alberta.

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Wish the progressive vote would just merge. Tired of arguing about the colour of the rugs while the house burns down.

If a 40 year dynasty is to break up, there are bound to be growing pains within all parties. The “progressives” have never had the courage to build and support one single party, whether it is the NDP, Liberal,the new Alberta Party, or even a new Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberal brand is going nowhere in AB and seems to have little to offer in this election in terms of real power or opposition. The new AB Party was a “progressive” hostile takeover of an existing party and seems to be going nowhere in terms of being a powerful alternative. The existing PC party is basically becoming an attempt at a hostile takeover by “progressives” of the older PC Party. To many “progressives” have joined the PC Party over time and are now seeming to find a home with Redford – mainly out of personal opportunism and little to do with what is good for Alberta/Albertans. What remains is for Albertans to determine if the Redford Progressives are who they want to lead the province going forward.


Oohhhhh those damn progressives. Them and the damn unions always with the hostile takeovers.

Anyone who wanted to be an MLA ran under the PC banner for 40 years. Now a Red Tory is at the helm, and the true color emerge. But we now have a traditional fiscally responsible, socially responsible conservative party. That is where Albertans are! Sorry Allison- saying Albertans want this or that – saying it does not make it true

It’s time politicians and those who like to quote them stopped using this “Albertans want … [insert policy here]” PR-speak. All it does is make those who don’t agree extremely angry that someone is implying that they’re not real Albertans. It’s clear that some Albertans want this, some want that, some want the other thing. We’re not all the same (anymore) and the election will make that clear.

if this is the same poll that called my home, it was weird, because the questions were left on my answering recording, even though no one was answering the computer’s questions they continued. i wonder what answers they filled in as my opinion.

the wild rose has been aggressively campaigning in the rural areas, which is more than i can say for any of the other parties, they are the only other party on the radar and very little campaign activity otherwise.
anyone out of the cities wanting CHANGE” are being offered only one other option
wr gains are being caused by default and being the first out of the gates.
EXTREMELY POOR REPORTING ON BEHALF OF RURAL MEDIA leaves rural voters largely in the dark

(UNLESS they’re reading Daveberta, yay dave!)

alison redford would be a great premier if she wasn’t so busy putting out fires her colleagues are and have started, at least she is appearing to listen and respond which no other pc leader has done in a very long time (if ever?)
she has inherited a very messy house, might need to be torn down, it’s beyond repair
i’d like to see her leading another party, she would be deadly.
rather typical of our times, the males have messed up royally and are dumping the mess in a woman’s lap, like the federal conservatives did to kim campbell years ago,must be a pc thing, how about this?: call the women in SOONER.

Wild times in Alberta – funny that after all the Ralph years the AB voters are surprised that the PC party was run by a left leaning elite. Wake up – like it or not Ralph spent money in a way that would have made Jack Layton blush. The last 10 years have been lost with a corrupt and wastefull gov and it is time the left the building.

Alison Redford really needs to step it up, if she wants to continue as premier!! She needs to expose the Wild Rose for who they really are. The PC’s need to show Albertians what the Wild Rose is really about!!!

Yup – she needs to step it up – like maybe not announcing stuff that she is going to do that, in fact, has been in operation for 20 years. Oh it probably was put I by those nasty old men, so must change it from what it is now TO what ii is now! Fixed that one, didn’t we?
As far as leading another party, anyone catch the clip of opinion suggesting that the Liberal Party needs a dynamic leader, and that Redford went over really big there. Might be a match

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