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alberta’s super saturday – tories voting in hotly contested nomination races today.

Supporters of Joey Oberhoffner, who is running for the Progressive Conservative nomination in Calgary-Fish Creek, rap for their candidate in this YouTube video.

Mr. Oberhoffner is facing former Mount Royal University Dean of Business Wendelin Fraser in today’s nomination vote. Fish Creek is currently represented by Heather Forsyth, who joined the Wildrose Party in 2010 after sitting as a PC MLA since 1993.

The PCs are also holding hotly contested candidate nomination votes today in Calgary-McCall, Calgary-West, Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, and Sherwood Park. Click here to see a full list of candidates nominated and running for nominations across the province.

8 replies on “alberta’s super saturday – tories voting in hotly contested nomination races today.”

Calgary West – arguably one of the mostfinancially elite ridings in AB. With a long history of supporting the PC brand (regardless of individual),home of the likes of Rob Anders/Ron Liepert, etc., what gem will they send to the legislature this time around. When does Anders surface again to voice his much over rated opinions? Who is he going to support this time – Redford or Smith and their respective camps. Perhaps he will do AB a favor and simply but out of the upcoming provincial election.

More than interesting is that Calgary-Lougheed does not seem to have a Liberal candidate when usually there are a large number of Liberal votes. Can it be that the Liberals feel that Rodney (a late backer of Redford in her leadership bid) is sufficiently Red Tory to not run a Liberal candidate and take a chance on Wildrose coming up the middle with a vote split?

I find it odd you’d say that re Lougheed; the number of Liberal votes there was only 4% more than in Calgary-Shaw in 2008, and Shaw is seen to be a PC stronghold. So ‘large number of Liberal votes’ is not exactly true, especially when Rodney won 52% to 28%.

Why don’t the Liberals have a candidate there? For the same reason they only have 24 province-wide right now: they have very little organization.


That would be true except that Calgary-West was held by Danny Dalla-Longa a Liberal in 1993-1997 and Donald Fleming Social Credit from 1959-1967. So who says candidates from other parties can’t win it?

At least the Liberals have held Calgary- West but they have never held Lougheed or Shaw.

Speaking of West, um… Shiraz Sharif? For real? I’d put my money on Andrew Constantinidis to make a pickup. Ken Hughes may be a scum pile, but compared to Shiraz!

Now we know who the “gem” is. An old line PC’er who doesn’t even live in the riding and couldn’t hold his last riding.

Re Lougheed (above) – 28% of voters, to me, is a large chunk voters to be turned loose if no Liberal candidate surfaces. “Large” is rather relative, I guess. Agreed, most PC ridings have been considered “strongholds” up to now, but we shall see if it holds for this election.

Was Hughes a trial ballon to see how the folks react to the Heath Care changes?

I am surprised the Liberals are not running in Rodney’s riding – it is far more likely that the WR and PC would split giving the Liberals a chance to come up the middle

The PC “train” has been somewhat derailed by folks stepping down (ie Blackett). The deal was super Sat, followed by campaign school, energy up right into election. Cannot do now -new strategy!

I’m surprised there’s no Liberal candidate in Calgary-Acadia. 26% last time seems like quite a lot of votes to throw away.

I see comments re former liberals running as PC. Well if you want to be elected in Alberta you have to run under that banner – never mind principles! Also the party has turned more and more red tory so not surprising it is attractive

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