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wildrose behind mysterious ‘push poll’ attacking alison redford.

Politics in Alberta got a little meaner this week when word of a new ‘push poll’ attacking Premier Alison Redford began to circulate among political circles.

In typical push poll fashion, the automated telephone survey asks participants to answer a series of loaded negative questions about Premier Redford, and then respond to whether they would be likely to vote for her or not. The expected results of this push poll should show participants having a negative opinion of the Premier.

Alleging the Premier has supported evil federal Liberal childcare policies and targeting the financial woes of her Chief of Staff Stephen Carter (who is incorrectly described as the top civil servant), the push poll is obviously meant to illicit a negative reaction towards to Premier.

The big question left unanswered before today was who exactly was behind this push poll. The tone and slant of the questions strongly suggested that the authors of this push poll are very sympathetic to the cause of Danielle Smith and her Wildrose Party – and this evening, intrepid CBC reporter Charles Rusnell reported that the Wildrose is, in fact, behind the nasty push poll.

Care of David Climenhaga‘s Alberta Diary blog, here is the audio of the notorious push poll that attacks Premier Redford:

Push-Poll Questions by djclimenhaga

13 replies on “wildrose behind mysterious ‘push poll’ attacking alison redford.”

If that’s a push poll then this is a Push Blog and with the reference to a CBC reporter being “Intrepid” Kinda sums it up.

Audio misses question one and poll intro. I’m with Tom above, this is about as pushy as promoting your blog on twitter

I like Marilyn Monrobot. She can call me anytime :). Some PC staffer friends were over when the poll happened. Questions were unbiased until the last two, which are probably important to Albertans but definitely wouldn’t be getting asked in a Tory poll.

The title of your blog suggests you know the Wildrose is behind it, but the body of your blog says no one is sure yet. Has there been any concrete evidence to date? Sorry if I’m missing something. I’ve been in Saskatchewan for 3 weeks now…

I’m glad someone is raising questions about Stephen Carter being appointed Chief of Staff. I believe the position should be occupied by someone who can be somewhat of a role model to Albertans, especially when the Premier espouses that she is truly concerned about financial responsibility and accountability. If he didn’t have this questionable background, there would be no questions needed.

Just shows you that the Wildrose party is not above sleazy and dirty tactics. The voters will see through these american-style negative politics.

Where was the outrage on this push-blog when Stephen Carter was doing his Sleazy push polling for Nenshi and Redford?

Loved the poll. Loved the method. Bring on the election and TTBO (throw the bums out). Controversy over this poll is, I suppose, intended to draw attention away from Premiere Redford showering money on teachers for votes, flip flopping on a Judicial Review on Health Care, and appointing a Chief of Staff with no apparant ability or character, and putting Leipert (gasp) in charge of finances. More polls please.

I’ve listened to the poll questions….it is far from “dirty”. It asks legitimate questions and brings to light legitimate issues Albertans deserve to know.


TTBO, any body but Conservatives, Liberals are looking like a very credible, viable and serious Alternative to the Cons.

The Wild Rose Party called last night and I thought they were pretty pushy. I told them it was none of their business who I was voting for.

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