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rest in peace, jack layton.

NDP leader Jack Layton in Edmonton.
NDP Leader Jack Layton at a rally at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton (September 20, 2008).

Very sad news this morning. NDP leader Jack Layton has passed away at the age of 61. Mr. Layton took a break as NDP leader earlier this summer to battle a new cancer he had been diagnosed with.

NDP Leader Jack Layton has died, his family said in a statement today.

Mr. Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow and his children Michael and Sarah, said Mr. Layton passed away at 4:45 am today.

“He passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by family and loved ones,” the statement read.

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Jack, as far as I am concerned, you are one of the most caring, charismatic, strong, honest and ethical leaders ever in Canadian history. We will miss you!

We lost a giant today. I’ve felt for a while (even before this year’s election) that Jack was the best leader the NDP has ever had. I never knew Jack personally, but I can’t think of many people in this world I’ve admired more. His audacity was infectious, his work ethic was superhuman, and his political skills were enormous. Jack was a statesman and a gentleman, a scholar and a common guy.

People will say this ends the Orange Crush. To that I say “never let them tell you it can’t be done.”

Canada just got meaner. Good luck to us little guys, women, Aboriginals under the majority Reform party.

I didn’t like Jack Layton and now that he’s dead I’m not going to feign it or pretend I feel sad or shocked.

Frankly, I’m glad he’s dead.

Although I had my issues with Jack Layton, when he did not wait for the Gomery Report before bringing down the Martin government, thus scrapping Early Childhood Learning Initiatives already in place and the Kelowna Accord, on the surface this action seemed inappropriate to gain just 8 NDP seats – but upon his death Layton did bring the NDP into Official Opposition, so the verdict is out on the social justice issues abandoned by Layton on that occasion – perhaps his political acumen was brilliant. I found Christie Blatchford’s column in the National Post particularly distasteful, especially on the day of Jack’s passing. Over 50% of Canadians alive today will face the diagnosis of cancer, and we have to remember, as Canadians, that our Publicly Funded and Universal Health Care system, which Jack Layton and his Party have fought so hard for, must be preserved as we all will succumb to the frailty of our human condition. Rest in peace Jack – and know you have fought the good fight.

I didn’t like “Where it stands” and when he dies I’m not going to feign it or pretend I feel sad or shocked.

Frankly, I’ll be glad when he’s dead.

To @Where it Stands: what a hateful and nasty comment. I dislike Stephen Harper, but I don’t want him dead. Unemployed, yes, but not dead. Whether you agreed with NDP policy or not, Jack Layton was a cordial and committed politician who stood up for what he believed in, but was also able to work effectively with other parties during the long years of minority governments to make Parliament work for Canadians. All Canadians have suffered a loss this week.

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