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cindy ady endorses gary mar, ken allred goes with ted morton.

Map of MLA support in the 2011 Alberta PC leadership contest (August 3, 2011)"
Map of MLA support in the 2011 Alberta PC leadership contest (August 3, 2011)"

Two more endorsements have been added to the map of MLA support in the 2011 Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership contest.

Three-term Calgary-Shaw MLA and Tourism Minister Cindy Ady has endorsed leadership candidate Gary Mar. Minister Ady is Mr. Mar’s third Calgary MLA endorsements, following support from Calgary-Foothills MLA Len Webber, Calgary-Nose Hill MLA Neil Brown,  and Calgary-West MLA Ron Liepert.

Word on the street is that first-term St. Albert MLA Ken Allred has thrown his support behind former Finance Minister Ted Morton. This is Dr. Morton’s tenth MLA endorsement and sixth endorsement from an MLA in the Edmonton region.

Who would have thought that the choice of Edmonton’s PC MLAs would be Dr. Morton?

4 replies on “cindy ady endorses gary mar, ken allred goes with ted morton.”

Ken “Weathervane” Allred backing Ted Morton is more proof, if you needed it, that the Wildeyed Alliance and Danielle Smith are finished. Allred’s been sniffing around the WRAP for months, or so the rumours out here in St. Albert have it. If he’s switched back to Ted Morton, it means he’s seen the writing on the wall. The guy isn’t much good as an MLA, but he has an excellent sense of which way the wind is blowing.

Buddie Dharma: if Ken Allred was interested in crossing over to the Wildrose, he would have done it a long, long time ago.

Sorry, but the Wildrose base is extremely energetic and optimistic….Doug Horner or Allison Redford winning (either highly likely) or even Gary Mar will see true conservatives parking their vote with Danielle Smith where she actually encourages MLAs to disagree with her and vote for their constituents, and not the party.

Oh, Dave. It’s not that she doesn’t try to tell them what to do, it’s that they don’t listen (with the possible exception of Paul). The other three actually think there IS an “I” in “TEAM.” Ask any member of the PC Caucus what four members they are thrilled NOT to have and they’ll tell you Anderson, Boutilier, Forsyth and Sherman. I look forward to the revelation you’ll experience after the next election, when Danielle loses, Rob engineers an overthrow and you have that guy as your “leader.”

Ask anyone who they vote for and the #1 response will be the party, not the local candidate. MLA’s should vote for their party as that best represents the whole province, not narrow special interests.

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