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pgib attack gary mar with ad channeling michael ignatieff.

The hyper-conservative Progressive Group for Independent Business is targeting Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Gary Mar with a low-quality online campaign ad. The ad compares Mr. Mar’s four years as Alberta’s representative in Washington DC to former Liberal Party of Canada leader Michael Ignatieff‘s decades living outside of Canada. I am nothing close to a supporter of Mr. Mar, but even I recognize that the comparison is silly.

Albertans will remember the PGIB from its Executive Director Craig Chandler, who was dropped as the PC candidate in Calgary-Egmont in 2008 after telling Albertans who did not agree with the governing PCs to leave the province.

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Does Craig Chandler and PGIB have nothing better to do? I sincerely hope he never try’s to run as an elected person again,

I think Gary Mar did an outstanding job of representing Alberta in Washington. I am happy to see him back in the race and hoping he does well. He would be a great person to lead Alberta.

You are very wrong on 2 issues.

Firstly, I said people who did not agree with small ‘c’ conservatism should not bother coming here. I never favoured the actual Alberta Progressive Conservative Party in my comments.

Secondly, I was denied democracy because of a letter that I never wrote relating to Concerned Christians Canada. I was removed because I am a social conservative and was actually told that my “belief in Jesus Christ would adversley affect my ability to be an MLA”

Although the ad may be unnecessary it certainly points out a very valid point about Mr. Mar. He is not back because he is concerned or invested in this province … he is back for the fame and fortune. I’m convinced. PCs need a leader who has been in Alberta the past several years and understands the issues. Gary doesn’t and he shows that over and over again … glad this ad at least highlights what we were all thinking.

Thanks for sharing Dave.

Although I am not a supporter of Mar or the PCA, attacking people running for political office who have worked outside of Canada is extremely provincial and short-sighted. It is much more beneficial to the province to have outside ideas and perspective. Also, some of the most successful Canadians are those who choose to work around the world. But what else would you expect from small minded people in this province…

Actually, Craig, you said people who don’t agree with conservative values should leave the province, not that they shouldn’t bother coming in the first place. Second, you were removed for more reasons that this.

Kudos on the ad, though. A real gem.

“Like it or not, the PGIB makes an important point that will dog Mar throughout the election.”

My sentiments exactly…


I was in the room with the 45 Executive members and the Premier when I was booted. We also we have a written transcript of the meeting. Me being booted was 100% related to the letter written by Rev. Stephen Boisssoin.

As for the drive by media smear any TV station can cut and paste all they wish. it was not fully reported in full context.

its like a divorced he love the first one so much he would appreciate getting a second one pc card holder bob smith

Thanks for that video Jimmy, it helps me put Mr. Chandler’s comments into perspective. Wow.

I think Gary could be our best Premier ever. His motivations aside (which only he can truly know) I find him to be competent, credible, likable, and approachable. He’s very quick on his feet, and understands the difference between what is immediate and what is important. He brings the best of both worlds – a very agile political mind, as well as a sensible and well-trained intellect for good public policy.

Unlike Ignatieff, Gary has maintained a strong Alberta / Canada identity. He maintained residency here, and he continued to pay taxes here through his job as our Ambassador. His employer was still Alberta.

He was paid well for his services – but who in their right mind blames the employee for what the boss pays them? Further, anyone who knows the comparative salaries of the legal profession among experienced barristers such as Mr. Mar, would know that he could make at least as much in the private sector at this point in his career.

In my opinion, (and I know him well enough to say this) Gary is into politics because he enjoys it, and he enjoys the idea leading the development of this amazing province. This is what led him into politics, and why he stays.

I don’t know why he took a break from politics, but if I were to hazard a guess, I think its because only a fool would try to fill the shoes of a politician as universally beloved as Ralph; and Gary is no fool. He may have stayed and laid low in a cabinet post; but we all saw the coming tide of under-qualified Cabinet Ministers. I wouldn’t want that stink on me either.

As for the accusation that he has ego, professional ambition, and wants to get paid – that could be said of anyone. Those are exceedingly human traits, that I feel any true conservative would celebrate.

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