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back from the land down under. vote today.

Having just returned from a wonderful three week sojourn in Australia, you can likely imagine how surprised I was to see the turn of events that has taken place in the run up to today’s Federal Election (I am referring to the NDP‘s surge in the public opinion polls).

I am looking forward to catching up on the past three weeks worth of politics and will be easing my way back into provincial political blogging over the next week.

Remember that voting stations are open until 7:30pm tonight, so get out and vote.

One reply on “back from the land down under. vote today.”

Welcome back. Did you expect such an historic shift in the Canadian political landscape to occur while you were away? We’re seeing the collapse of the BQ in Quebec, which can’t be anything but good for the country, and we’re going to see Jack & Olivia getting the keys to Stornoway. Wow!

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