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the alberta party chooses a leader – glenn taylor.

Congratulations to Hinton Mayor Glenn Taylor for being selected as the leader of the Alberta Party at this weekend’s convention in Edmonton. Mayor Taylor scored a first round victory with 55% of the vote.

Total Votes:
Lee Easton : 144 – 12.00%
Tammy Maloney: 104 – 8.67%
Randy Royer: 287 – 23.92%
Glenn Taylor: 665 – 55.42%

The convention has drawn over 300 attendees from across the province. Not a bad turnout for a political party that barely existed only a year ago.

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Photos and commentary on this weekend’s convention coming soon.

5 replies on “the alberta party chooses a leader – glenn taylor.”

If Doug Horner wins the PC leadership the next election just might be the battle of the moustaches.

To honor both their new leader and their lone MLA, they should rebrand as the Taylor Party, leaving the Alberta Party name to the official opposition Liberals. Or both parties could give their collective heads a shake, merge under the Alberta Party label, and actually get “in it to win it”, as Randy Jackson of American Idol would say.

Herbert’s right. Without the Liberals, Alberta Party, and NDP working together in some manner or another, they’re all sunk. Without it, somewhere over the rainbow, pie-in-the-sky is where the Alberta’s parties lofty goals will remain — just a nice little dream.

I feel that we must unite the left and centre.IN order to over come a divied right. If we miss this chance We may never again have a dived right.

I believe a number of people from the Alberta Liberal Party have suggested a willingness to think creativily and in good faith about unity.

For example, and I quote trying to capture context:

“The moment we stepped in the cab, [Corey] Hogan began negotiating with Kjenner. “What would we have to do, seriously, what, to bring the two parties together?”

The cab driver glanced at me as I took notes.

“There’s nothing you can do,” said Kjenner, who had been a big part of the Alberta Party’s “Big Listen” exercise, in which they gathered in living rooms across the province, talking about what people really want in a political party.

“It’s not what we’re looking for right now. I won’t rule it out, someday, but we’re still trying to figure out who and what we are, as a party. We’re about the how more than the what, and that’s what has attracted people from your party, from the PCs, from the Greens.”

Full story here:

Many who are presently engaged in the ALP are willing to do things differently, as we demonstrated this past weekend. We’re not the blind partisans here. Alas, we’ll probably have to wait for another election, before real change is possible, but I would encourage members from the ALP and AB parties to speak with each other, and push for change and real unity if that’s what they really want.

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