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bizarre photo from laurie hawn campaign launch.

There are some photos that say a million words. There are some photos that make you say “huh?”

This photo from Edmonton-Centre Conservative candidate Laurie Hawn‘s Facebook Page is certainly one of the latter.

Caption contest?

19 replies on “bizarre photo from laurie hawn campaign launch.”

Laurie Hawn discusses new young offender strategies.

LH discusses rendition strategies pertaining to youth insurgencies.

Laurie Hawn retrieves an infant Glen Plake from 1972. “We had to avert the florescent clothing revolution of the 80’s” – Laurie said, in his justification for altering of the time-space continuum.

Laurie Hawn’s team appoint Lady Ga Ga as communications and style director.

LH unveils his “get out the vote strategy” for the 2028 election.

LH ‘gets it’ with the poopie set – “Bubbles are alright by me”, – LH.

Laurie speaks about his younger punk rock days. He fondly remembers the album that changed his life, The Dead Kennedy’s ‘Bedtime for Democracy’. He still loves the title but can’t remember what the album was about anymore.

Revised Caption: “Hawn unveils new child haircut tax credit for two-opposite-sex-parent-families (only). Will take effect in 2015.”

Tories announce soap and lunch boxes as their universal childcare policy to replace the current $100/month.

Laurie Hawn is explaining the campaigning process of the conservative party & is introducing the lead writer

“Hawn perfers working with “you people” children because Canadian children are a Provincial responsibility”

Billie Jean is not my lover. She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one. But the kid is not my son. She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son.

“If you elect Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals, children just like this one will grow up educated and healthy… but I’ll never get to fly that cool new F35 fighter jet. Now what’s more important than that?!?”

Not that Hawn actually speaks in full sentences…

If you care about children, you will vote for me. You don’t want anything to happen to children, do you?

Laurie Hawn belongs to a party with no ethics, but they do have lots of convictions, unfortunately a good number of them involve criminal activities in the PMO

I believe what Mr. Hawn was trying to say here, is, “this human being will be 93 when we finally get our spending under control.”

See this kid. We found him on Ignatieff’s face book!
He will not be attending any further Conservative Rallies.
Govern yourself accordingly!

I believe 1 of your advertisements triggered my web browser to resize, you might want to put that in your blacklist. bizarre photo from laurie hawn campaign launch. | is really a cool name for a blog BTW 😉

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