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who wants a federal election?

This re-election flyer from Edmonton-Centre Conservative MP Laurie Hawn arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

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Hell ya!
An election is time for the public to decide whether or not we agree with what the pollsters and politicans have been saying for years what we want. And if it wasn’t this year it’d have been next so it’s not like we’re spending $300M that we wouldn’t have spent anyways.

Let us decide if the contempt of parliament is a serious matter or not or whether we trust the Tories to continue governing.

Let us decide if we’d still vote for the Libs or NDP if they suggested during the election that a coalition government is a possibility.

At least then it might shut up those who start every sentence with “Canadians want/don’t want…”

Let’s enjoy the fact that this will be the last election to feature Harper, Ignatieff and Layton. Once Harper wins his majority he can retire into the sunset in 2014. Ignatieff can depart shortly after the May election, and Layton can, well he can enjoy some rest and take care of his health.

Brng on the next generation of leaders and hopefully let us have debates that respect the intelligence of Canadians, understand the diversity of the country, and allow for people to disagree without resorting to name-calling and media headlines.

Or else we could just resign ourselves to having federal elections every couple years from now on because minority governments will be the new norm.

Really? Being prepared for and starting to fight an election we all know is coming shows they actually want the election? Really??

So I guess you’re suggesting that if a party doesn’t want to go into an election, they should forfeit all their seats by not campaigning in that election.

That sounds perfectly reasonable.

I want an election now. $300 million is the best use of our money to get rid of Stephen Harper.

The man can not play nice with others. He uses fear and intimidation and he calls that leadership.

He’s not even conservative, racking up the biggest deficit in the history of Canada despite being handed a 13 Billion dollar surplus from Paul Martin.

In the face of weak opposition all Harper can muster is 2 minority corruption filled governments.

Time to end the misery – Vote out Stephen Harper.

Weird how they can campaign on an election that has not been called yet. Isn’t their rules against this?

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