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doug elniski on wildrose alliance advisor’s private resort hospital in vietnam.

Edmonton-Calder PC MLA Doug Elniski delivered a Members Statement in the Assembly yesterday on the topic I wrote about last week.

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How ironic.

I could have sworn I was watching an opposition MLA from the way Elniski sort of assumes that he and his party have no power or ability to influence what is happening in his own province.

Like how doctors who choose to move from Alberta aren’t impacted at all by the “same old, same old” policies in Alberta which if not causing doctors to move to Hanoi, is causing them to move to the Mayo Clinic and elsewhere south of the border.

Like how the inability of the PC Government to articulate any policy which would induce more and better doctors to remain and in fact come to Alberta has no impact on waiting times.

And, as an aside, note the not-at-all-subtle criticism of an Albertan who has undertaken risk to succeed in business and who, by the way, is not an officer or even candidate of the Wild Rose Party.

Does Elniski actually believe that there are no other private hospitals in the world opening arms to Canadian-trained doctors? That if not for Oberg investing in opening a private hospital in Hanoi, no Albertan doctors would ever move from Alberta to a private hospital where they don’t have to struggle with an ineffective and stagnant health care bureaucracy in their own Province?

Is he really that dim?

I would think I was listening to Brian Mason.





@ Rob H., isn’t it amazing how the PC’s seem to want to blame everyone but themselves but yet they’ve been in pwoer for 40 years? So who’s fault is it? The opposition? The people? The gophers in the parking lot? Come on! Elinski is dim if he thinks that we’re going to buy his crap. The bottom line is, the PC’s have been driving the bus and now that it crashed their blaming the passengers. What a joke this government is.

Bang-on Kevin.

How about something other than side show chatter and ankle-biting Elniski?

How about telling us about YOUR plan to keep those doctors in Alberta.

Otherwise, all I’m hearing in his schpeel, is, “Look.. nothing up my sleave..”

Interesting he doesn’t criticize them on the basis of Oberg’s unabashed support of a private health care model. Perhaps because PCs agree behind closed doors?

Elizabeth.. if they wanted to propose a pure private model, at least that would be a plan.. we could criticize it as being an effort to create a failed U.S. type system, but at least it would be more than snide pointless criticism of someone who isn’t even running for an opposition party.

What next?

“Hey, I hear that Raj Sherman’s cousin’s best friend’s girlfriend is a member of PETA”.

Clearly the Wildrose have a hidden agenda to bring in private health care. Lyle Oberg, come clean now!

^^^ Too funny, this phoney is posting again. Blah blah blah Wildrose is gonna do this wildrose is gonna do that. Dave could you please spare us this BS?

Oberg carries no weight in the Wildrose, he has simply had enough of the PC’s but then again haven’t we all?

Your right Rob H.

I don’t know how the Hon. Doug Elniski can blame the Wildrose for recruiting doctors to work outside the province. Lyle Oberg might be a Wildrose Alliance member, but he is also a private citizen running his own private company outside of the country, so to construe that the Wildrose approves of this, or that it is an example of their health care policy is simply untruthful. Besides, Dr. Oberg wouldn’t have such an easy time recruiting doctors in this province if there wasn’t the culture of intimidation and pressure to keep quiet that we have heard about this week. No wonder doctors are leaving for Hannoi, Harvard or even other provinces. The PCs bear the responsibility for the doctor shortage in this province, not the Wildrose Alliance, or one of their members.

This video is a great piece of political theatre! Good job Doug Elniski!

Meanwhile over at Wildrose, the people they are surrounding themselves with and the stuff they are saying is scaring potential voters away.

Cod Father.. I heavily criticized early incarnations of the Wild Rose, and even had critical words regarding the current leader.

Over time, I have actually read through their policy, have spoken to Danielle Smith, and am having a very hard time feeling “scared away”.

PC Supporters wanting to keep their nose in the trough, and those on the left seeking desperately to make themselves relevant TELL us we should be scared, but, as you have just exhibited CF.. there’s nothing behind it but “political theatre”.

Tell us, Cod Father, what is the policy that you believe we should be scared of?

Public funding of health care, a promise not to institue any user fees, and full compliance with the Canada Health Act?

Pretty scaring stuff.

I left the PC Party after being constituency president for several years because the party needs to be replaced in Government. There are no new ideas, there is way too many insiders working their way to government “goodies”, and there needs to be a changing of the guard.

Is that scary?


Scary as losing Trevor Linden, Marcus Naslund and Todd Bertuzi was for the Vancouver Canucks.

Seems to have worked out ok, though, hasn’t it..?

Don’t forget the video going around about Rob Anderson and his comments supporting Bill 36. He calls it an “unprecedented victory for landowner rights”.

Yet now he’s against it. Clearly this guy is just in it for himself.

So how long is the waiting list in Hanoi? Do I have to book my necessary MRI’s 6 months to a year in advance? Considering I have 4 per year, I am booking one before I have had the other….

I might enjoy a trip to Viet Nam if i can avoid the waiting lists I face in Alberta.

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